Rewards for Top Contributors

Being a alliance leader, it’s hard to motivate people to contribute to battles, donations, or even just logging in on a regular basis. Individual daily or group weekly rewards just are not working as an incentive.

Suggest you give the alliance leaders weekly awards to distribute to top contributors. Of course, you’ll need to give the alliance leaders the tools to properly track member progress. And, for fairness, alliance leaders can not receive their own rewards.

Another idea is granting alliance leader to give away their own coins, DNA, or dino bucks to any member.

Or allowing alliance leaders to grant access to a select few members to a special drop point that earns extra coins, dino bucks and/or DNA. This could be in the forum of a special battle incubator drop point.

Leaders can then setup there own competition among members which would help encourage team member participation.


we’re looking at 1.9 or 2.0 for stuff like that. Unless 1.8 is secretly being developed as the Alliance patch. All we have seen so far are the hybrid portraits

What about double rewards for the top contributor of each mission


That works too.

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Just have the game give out rewards on what percentage of the mission a player contributed. So if 50 members and get rank 5 take the 25,000 sino, put it in a pool. And give it out to each member based on how much they contributed. So if some members dont play much they arent getting 500 sino. Why should they get the same amount as someone who contributes 20 times what they do to the mission. Then you should see some more activity. Especially if rewards changed to something more valuable.


I was thinking of $10.00 google play cards, but haven’t done it yet. The number from the card could be dm’d to the player that earned it.

Or cookies. Good ones… with icing…. And sprinkles too. Not just a few sprinkles either, I talkin’ serious sprinkles on them.


That is a great idea @EvilGoatNZ

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I think finishing the missions with the current rewards is okay :ok_hand:Yes we need tools as leaders to determine activity and contributions made .

If your alliance isn’t finishing then find new members that will help and contribute. Tho sometimes it’s hard to determine unless yourself as a leader are online a majority of the day checking in and getting reports elsewhere .

Daily players is very important but it’s hard even then to determine if they are Darting or doing anything else but requesting and donating. Tho the top contributions do show to some extent .

More tools please Ludia -Help the alliances to build strong teams! Better rewards are always great any player will tell you that!

I think the daily mission rewards per player would increase activity not within the alliance missions alone

Though I cannot complain our alliance is pretty darn great ! :metal::slightly_smiling_face: Top500 :metal:’s