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Rewards for towers


Anyone feel like the rewards like the epic dinosaurs for then tower rewards are junk now? Giving you DNA for useless dinosaurs


Very much so .
Ok they are free but now it seems pointless when all you get is secodontosaurus , brachiosaurus , pachycephalosaurus , and pteranodon from epic strike events .
You can’t really fathom why Ludia even introduce such crap Dino’s like these . Maybe they will introduce legendary hybrids using them at some point , but until then they are useless . Ive got all at over level 15 with almost 3,000 dna and all from towers . I wouldn’t waste my time darting any of them that’s for sure .


Today I got something like 27 T-Rex, and 379 Sino…


I usually don’t get a split reward. Either all garbage or all useful. It’s weird.


They maybe could be better but they’re generated randomly. I got all useless and unwanted dna except pyro and coins. And others got legendarys, rexes, and other goodies. I get pterano and very useless common/rare hurray! Lol. At least Pyro can eventually go towards Magna though. And the battle was actually fun.


@Heather do they know ?


Even the towers that you have to battle and win. They are getting pointless. Getting the alligator epics and the secondon whatever. The new useless ones. Just disappointing


There have been so many new creatures added, but the dna amount in epic incubators hasn’t increased to compensate the difference. It is frustrating…

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