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Rewards needed for friendly battle wins


I understand that a friendly battle should be taken as just a friendly battle. But there are times, with even a big friends list, that I cannot get someone to battle with me. I believe that if there was some sort of an incentive to accept random battles it would be a lot easier to complete objectives and even Alliance missions. Rewards do not have to be huge but give us something to keep the Jurassic world alive community a reason to accept these matches other than just us being friendly :grin:


So people can get bots to battle gain off of it?
Just make alts and grind?
They’re friendly battles, also known as practice battles. It’s not a good idea for rewards for a friendly battle. Go get rewards in the arena.


It would be easy to benefit unfairly between organised players if there were rewards for it. Call it match fixing really.


I know me and my gf would literally just friendly battle all day instead of battling in the arena. Eff that noise.


I’d perhaps consider it if the reward had no real value. Like earning points to give your creatures nicknames, or change their colors. In that sense the only thing people who cheat the system get are arbitrary things rather than anything that might give them an advantage over others that they didn’t legitimately earn.


You need better friends


They could reward us with Majungasaurus’s. I can always use more of those. :rofl::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or more Lothnorax DNA! Lord Lothnorax will be pleased.:joy:


If they do this it should be capped and only be able to get coins from it


Potential for abuse :chart_with_upwards_trend:


I like that


One person said it best. Cap itoff and only coins

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Obviously. But it shouldbmnt be that way

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I would suggest getting some coins from it, DNA would be too much, but coins at least, also have a problem to find available people to do the dailies


They won’t add coins to it. Remember when alliance missions first released and we got coins in the reward incubators, ever since alliance missions came back the incubators don’t contain coins. They like keeping coin rewards to a minimum because that’s the reason people spend $$$ on the game.