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Rework boost: 50% same 50% New problem

For me Boost resolved nothing except Nerf Speed boost.

+30 000k Cash for get full boost in shop: Ever top player (gain free cash with tournament, season,…) can buy more and are more boosted.

  1. P2w still here

  2. Positive effect : actual player have same ressource. But New players f2p in 3 days who haven’t buy boost will be late.

  3. common, rare, epic and legendary are now unplayable than unique/top tiers (ciao original meta/team). For example common deserve +7% stat more than unique (50% max stat unique and 57% max stat for common). Now we return before 1.7 tiers list and cancel originality.

  4. Slow Dinosaures will stay slow : 106 tiers 6 are now more slow than a 128 tiers 2. (Bye >unique Dinos who were interested to boost).

  5. Give now new problem. Why i’ll up dioraja, stegodeus, tenon’s Speed if they still slow than no boosted 126+ Speed? Better is to do a duel Speed boost?

Why dino have a equal boost ? Boost was the best way to adjusted and give personnality to each dino with skill tree. For example why Brachiosaure’s family can’t have a spécial boost : +10% armor or +5 Speed?
Raptor’s family have choice between: +5Critical rate or +3 Speed?

On a MMO if i play spellcaster i’ll not have same attribut than warrior :confused:


It’s a p2w game. I dunno what you expected. Speed boosts have been nerfed to safe levels. A Stegod should never outspeed anything unless it has been heavily invested.

Legends and uniques are better dinos. If you use commons, you’ll get what you deserve :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The current state of speed boosts would be better if they adjusted the system to where you can allocate stats to a certain maximum between all stats (i.e. 5 Tiers into HP 5 into Dmg or T10 into Dmg etc). That way a T5 Dmg T5 Spd Stegod with 125 Speed will have a niche over a T5 HP T5 Dmg Trago or even Tryosronyx! Right now everything can have T5 in everything in the mid term and T10 in all in the long term. Theyve taken and refunded Boosts after a rework already so what will stop them from doing it again?

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I speak common and rare for example.
But super hybride legendary (without unique). Are now unplayable except if you accept stay mid ranked. In 1.6 Top tiers was 90% unique Dinosaures but after 1.7 you could use hybrid epic(with no super hybride) or super hybrid legendary with a poor speed (boosted).
In New Speed boost system is just a back of 1.6’s meta.
Thor, magna, indo, draco, erlido, tryko, dilo, stego, procera, tenon, spinota,…

You say super hybrid legendaries are unplayable… then list spinotah, stego as meta dinos… you left out utasino who can be a pure monster if boosted.

Boosts are meant to augment your Dino’s to taste.

Like take carnotaurus…

It’s a great dino just subpar on its stats.
Boost a health and it becomes very effective at staying alive in the role of counter attacker

If boosted for damage it becomes a killer par excellence.

If boosted for speed it will get quick enough to use it’s weakening strike to effect …

Depending on how you want to play him you boost him.

Not every dino needs to be boosted to max on every stat.

It’s up to you the player to decide how and what.

And the fact that there are many many Dino’s that only need light modification to be very good is what allows you to play with out being a heavy spender.

That’s what makes it fair.

But the balance comes from that lump of grey inbetween your ears.

As far as the refunds ludia did a great job in coming up with a system that was scaled to each users circumstances. And fair to those both who bought a lot and those who bought a little .

Life isn’t fair if you miss a black Friday sale you can’t complain that “well three days ago”

As far as epic rare. Tier etc useless that you state it’s patently untrue on account of suchotator diplotator Tanny etc. There are several lower tier Dino’s that excel in killing uniques. And yes the original " M.E.TA." team is reduced in effectiveness. … The game would be very stale if the “M.E.T.A.” didn’t change. Who wants to play the same thing day in and day out with out any change. In fact the point that you are aiming to get uniques shows that you are attempting to climb higher by using the new “old meta” destroying Dino’s since most uniques are relatively new.

As far as class uniqueness it’s there by default raptors fast damage low health
Two legged largish carnivours high damage med. Health low speed.
Ankylosaurus high armor. Etc
They. Also tend to group skills along these lines so I don’t know what your talking about… unless your asking for boosts in your anti boost thread.