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Most Legendaries and Uniques are due for a revamp. And while 2 of them (Grypolyth and Diorajasaur) have already been fixed, a few more Legendaries and Uniques need a little bit of reworks to fit in the current meta.

N/C - Not Changed

HP: 3990 (Old) 4200 (New)
Armor: 30% (Old) 25% (New)
Dmg: 1000 (N/C)
Speed: 114 (Old) 127 (New)
Instant Invincibility (Before: Long Invincibility)
Superiority Strike
Short Defense
Definite Rampage (Before: Rampage)
SIA: Swap-In Invincibility (N/C)

HP: 5100 (N/C)
Armor: 30% (N/C)
Dmg: 1020 (Old) 1100 (New)
Long Protection (Before: Short Defense)
Superiority Strike
Decelerating Rampage (Before: Thagomizer)

HP: 3990 (Old) 4000 (New)
Armor: 40% (N/C)
Dmg: 1000 (N/C)
Long Invincibility
Superiority Strike
Greater Stunning Strike
Ability: 0.25x Counter-Attack (Old) 1x Counter-Attack (New)

HP: 2100 (Old) 3000 (New)
Dmg: 1300 (Old) 1400 (New)
Speed: 127
Nullifying Strike
Evasive Stance
Distracting Impact
Impact and Run (Before: Nullifying Impact)
SIA: Swap-In Dodge (N/C)

HP: 3000 (Old) 3500 (New)
Dmg: 1010 (Old) 1150 (New)
Speed: 129 (N/C)
Nullifying Strike (Before: Pinning Strike)
Distracting Impact
Lethal Wound (Before: Nullifying Impact)
Cleansing Swoop (Before: Swoop)
SIA: Swap-In Evasion (Old) Swap-In Cripple (New SIA: 50% Distraction and Opponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns, Bound for 2 turns)

HP: 4200 (N/C)
Dmg: 1050 (Old) 1100 (New)
Speed: 127 (Old) 129 (New)
Superiority Strike
Definite Impact (Before: Defense Shattering Impact)
Lethal Swoop (Before: Swoop)
Short Defense (Before: Instant Invincibility)
SIA: Swap-In Wound (Old) Swap-In Cripple (New SIA: 50% Distraction and Opponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns, Bound for 2 turns)

HP: 4020 (Old) 4100 (New)
Dmg: 1000 (Old) 1200 (New)
Speed: 128 (Old) 129 (New)
Lethal Swoop
Long Protection (Before: Instant Invincibility)
Superiority Strike
Definite Rampage (Before: Cleansing Swoop)
SIA: Swap-In Invincibility (Old) Swap-In Advantage (New SIA: 100% Shield, Oppponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns, Bound for 2 turns)

HP: 3660 (Old) 3900 (New)
Dmg: 1000 (Old) 1200 (New)
Crit Chance: 5% (Old) 10% (New)
Speed: 125 (Old) 127 (New)
Defense Shattering Strike
Nullifying Impact (Before: Nullifying Strike)
Distracting Impact
Armor Piercing Rampage (Before: Defense Shattering Impact)
Ability: Immune


I like the cleanse and swoop on Stygi it works with my counter attack team

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Yeah tanks are supposed to tank, the HP nerf they all received on this last patch was totally unnecesary and made them even more meta irrelevant. I don’t want the chompers nerfed, they are fine imo, but if they can have high damage output, than tanks should be allowed their high HP.

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This is my take on the unique pterosaurs

swap in dodge instead of evasion
Damage 1300
Evasive strike or Distraction
Distracting impact
Defenitive Rampage( it fits since darwin has dsi and monomimus has null impact)
Lethal Swoop

Swap in wound( if it has enough hp this will work better with the moveset), but keeping swap in invincibility is just as good imo
4500 HP
Superiority Strike
Cleanse and swoop
Lethal wound(since you can’t swap turn 2 anyway)
Instant Stunning Impact( an instant charge impact as a way of doing damage outside of bleed), I mean it has that huge dome right?

Yeah I also think it should keep this move

Increase health by 10-25%
Increase damage by 15%
Move changes -
Decelerating Impact changed to some sort of slowing rampage, giraffe has a basic rampage, why not Titan?
Passive change -
0.25% counter to become 0.5 counter as a minimum, though a 1x counter would be best.

Sauropods tanks should have MASSIVE health pools. Heck even the long necks in Ark has crazy health! And it makes sense since they were the largest living creatures to ever walk the earth!

The new moves of Monolometrodon are the same as those of Magna (except the APR/DSR), but Monolo is a lengendary and Magna is a unique. The new HP of Monolo is even higher than that of Magna, does it make sense?

Except its slower and i think a lower base damage

The problem is everything has defense shatter and armor piercing. Tanks are pretty much useless. Hit points are a joke since a crit pretty much 1 shots everything.

Ludia could create passive skills for some tanks such as:

defensive spikes: returns 25% of the damage received to the opponent

intimidating: reduces damage of all attacks received by 25%


That might have the potential to actually work.

Most of these are good suggestions, but some would be a bad idea. Trago shouldn’t have x1 counter attack, maybe x0.5. An Alankylosaurus with 127 speed would be way too op and Monolometrodon is supposed to not have a rampage cause it’s made from 2 commons. That being said, I do like your additions to Stegodeus, Stygidarex and Pterovexus. Would like to see the latter 2 used more

I like that idea, it’s interesting and could shake the meta up a bit. It also reminds me from some Pokemon abilities and moves like the Intimidate and rough sking abilities and the Spiky shield move. :smile:

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Tragod Certainly doesn’t need a full counter, with 40% armor and long invincibility. It is fine as is, it’s not a Unique and shouldn’t be treated as such. If does what it does just fine. Also, Monomimus needs it’s HP changed to 500 not 3000. 1 nerf per update, that is the rule!