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Rework ideas for Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor

This is my first time doing this, just so everybody knows. Hopefully it’s not too strong or anything



Man I would love speed immune for spino

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Don’t have ideas for dilophoboa yet but this is my proposal for spinoconstricter


A wild card i think and giving it shield distracting strike so it can withstand more damage and dish out more of that bleed damage

Im still conflicted on picking either evasive stance of sidestep tho

So what u guys think ?

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Here’s my Thoughts for Dilophoboa. I re-worked Venomous Counter to better fit what the Snake wants to do.

Also, ignore the Vulnerability Cleanse on Cunning Rampage. That should be DoT.


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I like the counter; the reason I only made mine 25% decel was I didn’t want it to be too strong

Man, I love the swap out rampage, opponent will get no clue lol

my take
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i forget to make it wildcard

My ideas: