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Rework Incubators in shop

I’m lv 20 and with a epic incubator i have:
7552 dna with minimal:
397 epic
662 rare
And 15 000 coins
For 5000 cash.

Really Ludia ? Except top players who gain free cash.
Who buy Normal or special incubator like this?
5000 cash is like 35-40 $/€

Same 20$ special incubator with 200 specific dna+ epic incubator is not interesting (same if It’s more worth than normal incubator).

For 5000 cash you can have:
-10 boost

  • 250 000 coins

Much boost but with coins you can up your dino but both is most value for win.

To fuse legendary/unique It’s 50/200 epic dna or 200/500 rare dna.

With 397 epic and 662 rare i can do 0 at 4 try (with double Luck for: have good dna focus and enough dna)(want t Rex’s dna and have 80 dna and 317 conca for example).
The result is so randomly to be interesting.

Epic/rare Strike tower is good for sure. But for me It’s not worth to buy them.