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Rework of: Sauropods II #4

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing the new episode of “Rework of” (An improved version of “Your Version of”) where I bring a family of dinosaurs and make a version of how it could be and / or just for fun. You can make your own versions, argue about the family in general and vote!

For this episode I will bring the family of Sauropods - Part II



My Version:

My Opinion: Needs a buff in HP and 15% armor.


My Version:

My Opinion: I can’t lie, Nodot needs to get better!



My Version:

My Opinion: Its fine, but I wanted Brachi’s group to have different abilities (resistance, example).


My Version:

My Opinion: Need a buff and I wanted Brachi’s group to have different abilities (resistance, example).


My Version:

My Opinion: It’s fine, but I wanted Brachi’s group to have different abilities (resistance, example).

  • All Sauropods (II) need a buff
  • All Sauropods (II) are fine
  • All Sauropods (II) need a nerf
  • All Sauropods (II) need a rework
  • Some Sauropods (II) need to change …

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  • Just Rares need to change
  • Just Epics need to change
  • Just Superhybrids need to change

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Tell which Sauropods specifically need to change and why. Thanks for reading!

Apps and Sites I used to make this episode: JWA Field Guide and JWA Toolbox

Remember: I am not saying that Sauropods II need resistance skills (which remove slowdowns), only that they have differences between the other group of Sauropods!


Buff SONO plz it has to be better than most other epic sauropods cause its exclusive

(this is a sentence

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Nice rework, i like this, not to op and balance

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So is brachi

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I think Nodo just needs some extra output and max needs it’s armor back

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no… brachi is not event exclusive…

It is right now

yes i know its part of an event but it is not event exclusive

It is, it’s only in events or sancs

no its also sometimes daily missions

Nope,since 2.0 brachi is exclusive only as is sono.
And in any cases,exclusives don’t deserve to be better than others.

well i got brachi from daily missions…

Anyone can get exclusive from daily mission.
Next month will probably be sono

t i also saw it on alliance mission,

Sono might get in there too

I repeat:you can get ANY excluvies in:
-Weekly schedules on greens spots
-Alliance tournament monthly rewards
-Request (If common or rare)
-Daily mission (if this is the creature of the month)
-Season rewards.

Maybe i forgot something but here are the exclusives:

This list forgot haast eagle

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but it should still be better than other non-exclusive sauropods because it was a lot harder to get

That TV dev combo is deadly

All your changes were perfect imo

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Thank you!!

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