Rework Seasonal PvP

We used to battle for HC+coins+DNA.
Last 2 months we had battled for rares only…so it is time to rework rewards and add HC+coins back.
After a month of battling we deserve more than a bunch of rares…

Nasuto and arctops are exclusive dinos. If Ludia is willing to hand out that dna, then i’m all for them being seasonal rewards.


As longs as exclusives remain as rewards, we should be okay with it. But I think they should alternate epic and rare exclusives, we just had Arctops events and now it is seasonal reward. Again, they are exclusives, which is awesome, bur it would be better if it was an epic exclusive

Shush … remember the Miragaia season … it really could be worse.

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No matter DNA. In the past they give also HC+coins.