Rework the Dodge/Evasive Stance Mechanic


The amount of losses I have because I played perfectly but couldn’t land a hit on an Indominus/Indoraptor/Monomimus/Erlidominus with a single digit health bar is becoming absurd.

Have it give a chance at reduced damage, like a 50% chance to avoid 75% damage or something, but my god…do you even play your own game? I had more fun playing in the lower arenas because I was rewarded for being good.

Now it’s all a matter of who wins a coin flip.

There are actual matches where people will swap in and out with Indominus Rex when they face any sort of counter because that RNG coin flip is their only win condition.

Please, do SOMETHING about this. Crits and stuns I can deal with, it’s part of the game, but there’s something wrong when something can have 1HP and still 100 to 0 a full health dinosaur after 2 50/50s.


You should do what they’re doing


The point is that it’s no longer about skill. I do what they do but it still doesn’t make the matches fun.


Yes you are right dodge and evasion need a rework. Spending so mush time and $ on a 50% chance to dodge only is ridiculous. It needs to be like 75% or maybe 100% for 2 turns like Tragod shield.


Not everyone uses it like that though. You can’t take a select group and say that’s just how it is. I have 4 evasive/cloak dino on my team. But I don’t use it all the time. Only when appropriate and absolutely needed. Had a match earlier today, my indo (only dino selected for that match with evasive or cloak) was my second dino due to necessity after my tryo died. I didn’t use evasive and killed his dino. Opponent brought out monomimus and they did instantly use evasive. I swapped to another dino and killed his monomimus then when I brought my indo back at half health as it was the solid choice, I then did use evasive for the first time in the match and dodged a killing blow and ended up winning.

Used strategically, it’s very useful and a dignified attribute. I have found that most times it’s employed, it simply becomes a wasted turn anyway. Yes some people start with it and use it non stop, just gambling. That can’t be helped. I have fought stegocera owners who spam minimal stun “praying” it will work constantly. But again, not everyone uses it that way.

I don’t feel that it should be removed just because some people abuse it. If we employ that tactic, then the world would be devoid of almost every single item that is currently in circulation. Cars, alcohol, medicine, you name it. If it exists, someone out there is abusing it or misusing it.


I don’t think it should be removed, just reworked.

Maybe put it on a 1 turn delay or give it a chance to negate a certain amount of damage.

The tipping point that made me write this post was a match where I was about to have a beautiful comeback victory wherein I had a Pyrritator against a half health Tryostronix and a half health Indominus Rex.

All he had to do was Cloak and dodge both my attacks to win the battle, and that’s exactly what he did. That was his only out. But that’s all he needed.

The fact that this is a common occurrence is just starting to really bug me.


Today, I had an opponents monomimus dodge SIX of my hits …
It lasted for 2 evasive stances and it dodged every single one.

The odds of this happening are astronomically low (0.5)^6 But it’s not zero.

It’ll happen again, just as when I play mine, others will be on the receiving end.
It is a gamble but there’s a risk and a reward.
Same thing with stuns… these are all based on odds and that adds mystery and a little excitement…

Without it (RNG), every battle would be predictable and boring.

And sometimes, cloaking or evading works against you… it’s not at all like getting Super Star Power in Mario like people make it seem on similar “rants”


Those were times when your opponent’s dinos dodge/evade damages.
There are many other times that the same dinos just sitting duck and become punching bags.
I agree with what @John_Wayne said. Use Evasive Stance or Dodge only when necessary - do or die situation - most times a decider.


nullify :clap:


sorry man, i was pretty stoked when i dodged you six times lol.


If you there was a chance to only take 25% of the damage, wouldn’t that just make it like distracting impact?
Out of all the times I’ve used cloak with my indorex, it’s only worked like twice


Let’s assume you either didn’t get any of your nullifiers or you they were KO’d during the fight.


Haha I don’t stress it … after a while, even I was wondering if it was gunna go 6 for 6 :joy::sweat_smile:


I just feel like skill comes less into play in the higher arenas than it does lower. I was able to climb extremely fast with underleveled dinosaurs because I understood the cooldowns, speed ties, common move orders, etc.

Here in Ruins I play well but ultimately it comes down to an Indominus or an Indoraptor dodging or killing me.


Stupid random team generation won’t give u nullifying dino all the time.