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Rework the gorgotrebax boss

So far today, my alliance and I have attempted the gorgotrebax boss, and both times we fail due to RNG round 4. We aren’t using possible luck strats, but endgame creatures like 2000 attack gems and 6.9k hp diorajas. This is ridiculous, as you should not have to spend all that time getting to round 4 and then lose to rng. That is not fun for anyone. Rework it so that it isn’t so rng heavy by either reducing the round or slightly reducing something like the attack. But an endgame alliance with endgame creatures losing twice in a row due to rng is not fun for anyone, especially when you spend 10 minutes getting there.


4 rounds is to time consuming. I totally agree on that. Make it harder (if you must)
and only 2 rounds. Takes half a day to help out alliance members and friends get it.


You’re lucky to get there in 10 minutes, we usually spend the first 10 min restarting apps so we can get everyone in the same lobby.


Once again, we got screwed over by a crit. This is ridiculous. And of course, it happens round flippin 4

Whup tee doo. Another crit round 3 turn 3. Gee Ludia. Great game design. This is Moronic

took some hours to finish trebax today for my group. ended up having to use a bigger dio in the end.
the rng in this fight is just way too high.

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It got a crit and 1-shot a full hp gem. At 8k

With Mortem, which is only two rounds and takes about 7-8 minutes, I help multiple groups through, and I’ll even help drag underleveled people through sometimes because I don’t mind dealing with a bit of RNG/luck in such a short raid.

Trebax? I do that once a week. It’s 15-20 minutes long and you can lose in round four even with four 30/30 dinos. I’m not doing that more times than necessary to get my DNA.

If Ludia were smart, they’d make all the bosses like Mortem, or at least like Ceramagnus. Two or three rounds, easy enough to beat with the proper high-level dinos. Could even make Magnus a little harder to cut down on carry strats if they wanted. But they’re just shooting themselves in the foot with these long, luck-based raids. People aren’t spending more time overall in the game on those days; they’re spending less.

At least hadros is easy. Gorgo they decide to do stupidly hard minions and a stupidly hard boss. It’s moronic

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Exactly I tried so hard but in the end my group could do it just cause of RNG and it absolutely frustrating, I can’t believe they nerfed the magnus raid so quickly yet let this stay so difficult. They must be too busy making more badges

Glad my Dio was able to help you last night!

Magnus was actually harder the first week it was out. It was 10k HP more per round than it is now

The problem with Gorgotrex is it has a redundant round 2 considering it’s round 3 and round 4. Hadros has 4 rounds of disciplined play so it can be 4 rounds. Gorgotrex has the qualifying round, the discipline round then 2 RNG rounds or rather the last 2 rounds are much harder and less forgiving than the first 2.

Mortem has 2 insane rounds but that is it. You get wiped fast. Gorgo has 2 rounds of calm play then 2 rounds of frantic seat of your pants play. It is fun if those 2 rounds were the only 2 rounds you had to play rather than have to control your damage and waste turns to work around cool downs.

Ceramagnus is fun because it’s hard hitting but predictably counterable. It’s rando move can be blocked. Gorgotrex has multiple group revenge moves plus nullifying ability so shields do not help. Its strongest move is nearly unstoppable unless you plan your distractions and minion kills.

its super easy for me an my guys, we use a (these are minimum requirements) Tuoramoloch level 24 1500 damage, Skoolasuchus level 20, Tenontorex Level 28, Thoradolosaur level 30.

Gorgo raid is all about minions. You need to kill minions right time. If Entelodon uses Group Ferocity in last round and you kill both minions turn 1, you are done. No chance of surving that Nullifying Rampage.

When all stars allign its easy, but when one thing goes wrong, you lose.

Tbh I was a bit surprized to see this topic. Gorgo is not an easy boss with any means, but in my alliance with our tight-knit apex raid team, we can do it with relatively no issue, and definitely not in round 4.

Our creatures are high levelled, yeah, but by far not god tier, our tuora is lvl 30 with some attack boosts, maybe our tenonto was lvl 30 as well last time, I’m not sure, but our thor although strong still has needs some levelling and boosts to be on par with the majority of the thors used in apex raids, and we even used a lvl 20 skoola.

Basically with our strat and this team, the only RNG problem we have with Gorgo is at the very beginning, where we need doed to use shields.

Again I’m not saying it’s easy by any means and surely everyone would benefit if it would toned down a little. But currently we have much more difficulty with Mortem than Gorgo and it surprized me a bit when I saw this topic.

Thank you.

And that’s a problem. There shouldn’t be so much room for error with those minions, because they can make or break the match, especially round 4. It’s not just one, but both can screw you over. Something should be toned down slightly so that it’s not stupid easy but not a scenario where you have maxed creatures and some random event ruins 10 minutes of progress

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Yes. With every new boss they make harder minions. Raids should be about bosses, not minions. Minions should be tough, but not extremly hard.

The best strategy for gorgotrebax is tuoramoloch, skoolasaurus, tenontorex and thoradolosaur. Tuoramoloch can be level 24 unboosted and skoolasaurus level 20 unboosted and it works without drama. You just need thoradolosaur to have enough damage and be faster than tenontorex. Tenontorex and thoradolosaur need to have enough damage to take down gorgotrebax in 3 turns for round 2 and 3.