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Rework the gorgotrebax boss

The only exception should really be hadros, as the whole point of that boss is “Target me, not the minions”

With this strat:

You should have zero problems. I don’t get the ‘high end creatures’ problem as all these are easily obtainable.

Its almost impossible to find boosted Thor that is not faster than Tuora.

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Not really we have many of them in our alliance. In the last boost reset pretty much everyone knew that thor needs to be slower for raids and they made their adjustments. Not sure where you are in arena but most thors in gyrosphere are all in the mid 120 speed. If you are in avairy or into library you still see the nitro thors in there as a crutch dino, you get past that and their nitro sarco and you are home free :grin:

The group in raid with doesnt have lv 30 thors or tenontos, but between us swapping around who does what per boss, we can usually take on all of them with what we have.

But one wrong crit and we’re in a bad spot.

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Considering the footnotes still very rng oriented plus requires a lot of investment just for a boss

In our alliance we have don’t have many Thors that qualify for speed and damage. Most are too fast or not enough damage. Mine is unboosted and will stay that way for good.

Also with big Thor and Tenrex, you can end round 3 turn sooner and Thor oneshot minions round 4, which means Nullifying Rampage hits all creatures. Only few times succesfully finished Skoola strat.

We are running Tuora, Dio, Morty, Gemini strat. Usually without problems, but you need to calculate damage to kill Doedi turn 1 round 3 and not to kill Doedi turn 1 round 4.

The only fix it needs to make sure in all four rounds, Gorgotrebex’s revenge mechanic doesn’t activate until the immediate turn after both Minions are down and it only happens once per round.

Everything else about it can be dealt with, but what concerns me is how often the teams I raid with get to Round 4 only for Gorgo to pull its Revenge mechanic twice on us and completely obliterate the team.

I agree that this particular raid is too random, combined with the amount of time it takes to get to that random ending. The most extreme day our top tier fours in our alliance spent nearly 1.5 hours on it, because it just kept spamming those random revenge attacks.

This is the one we run:

It works perfectly… as long as the doe shields in round four. If the doe strikes, the dio’s counter takes it out, which triggers the revenge move before we want it. I don’t like that kind of randomness in a long raid.

We do that one 2, but gem kept getting 1-shot by ferocity gorgo or dio counters doedic and null attacks everyone or gorgo crits R3T3

same general creatures for ours.

This is the strat we use and works pretty well… Tenrex might need some boosted damage to get to 2500 for it to really work correctly.

Wow amazing strat using very low level dinos

Yeah, that’s my biggest beef with it - just takes too darn long.

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