Rework Tryostronix, It's not as difficult as you think Ludia


They describe it as a devastating defenses … but in reality it is luck and that is not a strategy … if a tryostronyx is left too long alive, it will be lethal, but it almost never lasts for its speed and life, I propose next … if it is a devastating dinosaur, the best thing that could be done is to exchange statistics with the postimetrodon, add to the tryostronix surge of adrenaline instead of ready to crush, which does not really work because you play it for a critic who is not warranted … since I do not see necessary to buff an epic, we should raise the level to the epic to get a true legendary … like the reworked Tryostronix

  • Postimetrodon (A GOOD EPIC)

-Armor Piercing Strike
-Defense Shattering Impact
-Ready to crush (2 coldown)
-Ferocious Strike (3 coldown)

Stats can stay as they are since it would not pose a real threat …

  • Tryostronix
    -Defense Shattering Strike
    (takes the concept of devastating defenses)
    -Adrenaline Surge (Cooldown 2 or 3)
    (It will allow to give more time to tryostronix in combat, ready to crush is just a suicide attack since the critic can not work)
    -Defense Shattering Rampage
    (The perfect attack to kill tanks with pulse of adrenaline and fericious strike)
    -Ferocious Strike

The statistics can be re-established in this way

  • Speed: 125 (To be able to dodge most predators and tanks, such as tragodistis)
  • Base damage lvl 16 (805, so the damage is very noticeable)
  • Health lvl 16 (2640)
  • Critical (20%)
    At the moment of leveling it up I do not see why it would not rise 80 in 80 its life or 70 in 70 its damage, so the tryostronix would be a totally useful dino and not as easy to counteract as they do now, even though it is still delicate but not as much as now …


I would like to know what you think


Moveset is great as is… speed and health could use more love


I agree with Hersh, moveset is fine. Its health and speed need a buff. He shouldn’t be slower than any tank if it’s main purpose is to take out tanks.


How many times have you actually used ready to crush compared to the other moves from Tryos? I’m curious, because you think it’s fine :slight_smile:


tank usually is faster than the tank killer, tryostronix and postimetrodon is special ald. You still want it more fast? And the tragodistis got 124 speed, it use its hp to exchange, it just got 2.7k hp at lvl 20 . Unfair?


the really need to buff for try is buff its hp a bit would be better for it


It’s okay. I was mad about its speed lower than Postimetrodon, but now I get over it since I no longer run against Postimetrodon anymore.

I don’t mind give it an unique hybrid which bumps up basic stats a bit.


buffing this would be dumb. it already has shattering attacks and immunity. With more HP, you just use ferocious strike and you are just going to 1 shot every dino on the other team and the game is over in 3 turns. the current trade off is you will kill a big tank like stegodeus, but you are essentially sacrificing tryostrinox to do so.


Then she needs to lose his immunity, if she is faster then trag and has a immunity then it’s not fair, I understand what your argument is but flipping the table and putting all of the problems to trag is not fair to her lol


I have two questions before : what is your ranking and what is the level of your tryostronix?


I only use ready to crush against certain dinos like stegaceritops. Mine is level 18 almost 19. And I use him quite a bit. I agree his health and speed could use some love though.


I think it is fine as is. The health would be awesome if it was 100/150 higher at base but it has immunity so it makes up for it. All you need to do is level it up enough to gain more health and attack. Mine is only lv17 so both its health and damage are too low to really use it but once it’s at lv19/20 I’d definitely use it.


If being faster than trago and having immunity is something concerning… monomimus fits that bill. And it has Nullifiying that allows it to dismantle shields just like shield breaks. With damage reduction as well that can be applied b4 trago shields meaning no loss of attacks.


I use ready to crush often. Rank 70ish. It’s a very important move in key situations.


Monomimus needs to be roasted on an open fire, served with gravy and mashed potatoes.

Tryo is boss when equally leveled.


The one thing I agree with is giving it defense shattering strike. It should have gotten this when all the others in its growth line had their armor only basic attack upgraded. It’s a balanced dino otherwise… the issue is barrrys are very uncommon (at least in my area) so mines vastly under level. That being said, it can still almost kill most over leveled tanks, and anything it’s own level that it counters, gets crushed


I too dislike him… I’ve refused to make him. This is all I will say bc I refused to take to the forums with my thoughts on this dino and this is tight rope walking the line as is


Rrc ia good for oneshot tank like stegodeus, if triox crit and stego havent full hp any dino can be oneshoted, mine at lvl23 do 5k dmg crit whit only rtc buf. The problem isnt truox, the problem is most of stegodeus and tragodistis are 27+ lvl and most of triox are 20,23 lvl


I’m more than sure that I’m taller than you and I’ll beat you without problems I’ll just tell you that I play the game since was born in apk and I have it in lvl 19