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Reworking #1 :Stegos

Anklyos and Crocs got reworks with no escape and vuenerble superioty strike. So I diceded a new mechanic for Stegos. Cooling Superiority strike. What is it? Well all moves that have a cooldown are reduced by 1 to use thagomizer quicker. Note Mirgaia and Dsungaia will not get change due to Regen in counters too OP. Thagomizer will give 25 Dot for 1 turn.

4500 Health
1150 DMG
116 Speed
5 Crictical
20 Armor
Cooling Superiority Strike

Stats stay same
Cooling Superiority Strike
Distracting Strike
Swap in slow
** Minimal Cooling Counter: Reduce all cooldowns by 1. Deal 0.25Ă—**

**Wuerhosaurus **
4750 HP
1300 DMG
Rest of stats are same
Cooling Superiority Strike
Instant Distraction

**Kentrosaurus **
Stats stay same
Cooling Superiority Strike
Instant Distraction
Medium Cooling Counter: Reduce all cooldowns by 1. Deal .5Ă—

5250 HP
25% armor
Rest of stats stay same
Cooling Superiority Strike
Short shield

All stats stay the same
Cooling Superiority Strike
Long Protection
Prescise Rampage
Instant Distraction
Greater Rending Counter

Carnotarkus didn’t really change cause of Its unique counter. How do ypu think of the rework

  • Need it in Game
  • We don’t need it
  • Change stat rework, love it tho

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Next rework should be?

  • Rexes
  • Raptors
  • Partcial Immunes

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The cooling system is interesting honestly, but I think the counter shouldn’t do damage like wounding or venom counter, reduce the Cooldown by 1 turn it’s already very strong and might OP

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I don’t think the cooldown are what’s holding the Stegosaurs back, honestly. For example, with Stegodeus and Carnotarkus, reducing the cooldowns will make almost no difference.
Maybe Stegodeus would be able to use Short Defense twice against Erlidominus, but other than that, I can’t think of anything.

Personally, I think if you want to buff them meaningfully, make a list of the creatures that counter them and the creatures they counter. If you find they don’t counter some creatures that they should, then you can buff them in a way that allows them to beat specific dinos.

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If I get this right, Stegodeus can Rampage every turn now?

I feel like Cooling is a very dangerous ability, especially on either a counter or basic move. I think if it does exist (I remain unconvinced) that it should be a cooldown based move (like regeneration).

If Stegs had an ability called “Refresh, Regenerate 25%, Remove Cooldowns” that would be more appropriate, but even then only useful in a niche way.

I really just think Thagomizer needs a small rework. It went from being one of the better slowing moves to being one of the worst (Slowing Impact used to have a longer cooldown and Decelerating Rampage was not a thing).

One idea is for it to inflict -75 speed, effectively trumping other slowing moves.


Ooh, I hadn’t noticed that counter. That seems a bit much. I mean, if you gave it Revenge Rampage, you get 2 Rampages in a row, which would be enough imo.

Maybe the Stegosaurs need DoT added to their moves or something. It’d be cool if it was attack stat-based DoT, like the old days. Then a level 1 Stegosaurus would never beat a level 30 Apatosaurus or Allosaurus, but on even grounds, it would stand a chance.
The downside would be that that would indirectly nerf the Ankylosaurs.

I think the Ankylosaurs are relatively easy to buff, you can check out my thread on that, but the Stegosaurs are tougher. Do they even really need a buff? I’d argue that Stegodeus does, being a Legendary superhybrid. These days, the consensus seems to be that superhybrids should be stronger than non-superhybrids within a rarity because they have more ingredients, which makes sense, but does everyone agree with that?

No Qaw, Rampage would be ready if you used the cooling superioty strike. Only 2 and up cooldowns will be effective. 1 cooldowns won’t be effective.

I think that is a very cool(ing) idea, but I don’t think that should be’ in stegos class, maybe in a new class of the permian for example

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But you gave Stegodeus a cooling counter. So if Stegodeus is faster, it technically gets infinite Rampages. Unless it gets Stunned.

Oh I’ll remove that

Ok the next Rework will be this week. It’s a tiebreaker.

  • Raptors
  • Partical Immunes

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