Reworking#3: Monolorhino


  • 3750
  • 4000
  • 4300
  • 4400

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  • 1000
  • 1100
  • 1150
  • 1200

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  • 15%
  • 20%

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  • 116
  • 117
  • 120

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First move:

  • Distracting
  • Nullifyng strike
  • Decelerating strike
  • Shielded decelereting strike

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Second move remain lethal wound

Third move:

  • Distracting shield
  • Distracting impact
  • Nullifyng impact

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Fourth move:

  • Definite impact
  • Defense shattering rampage
  • Definite rampage
  • Distracting rampage

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Swap in:

  • No swap in
  • Swap in defence
  • Swap in invincibility
  • Swap in nullyfication
  • Swap in wound

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The survey is ended. What do you think it?

Health should be around 5k, attack around 1.2k, Distraction should be SDS, and Definite Impact should be Definite Rampage. Should be around high apex I’d imagine.

None of his parents have 5000 hp, the max is 4410

Actually max hp should be

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So 4.5 isn’t out of the question as well

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Well, half of Suchotator’s kit makes absolutely no genetic sense, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

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I love how every time ppl just vote for the the strongest option in the poll and dont care about it being balanced or making sense


Yes, that would be a problem if putting the highest stats actually made it overpowered, or if “making sense” actually mattered, but neither is the case.

Indeed. In terms of stats, i don’t think any of the higher options are a problem, but after the Maxima and indo gen2 removal of definite rampage, i don’t think any creature with immunity to distraction should be allowed to have definite rampage. And then they went ahead and did the same to Mammolania lol

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I think a creature with no self-buffing and only 1000-1200 attack should be fine with definite rampage and immune to distraction. Or maybe a no delay definite impact would be ok too. But delay on definite impact makes no sense when they give definite rampage to 1500 damage ferocious immunes

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Yeah i think that the delay is probably unnecessary. As for definite rampage on immunes, 1200 damage is a lot for an uncounterable move, especially when it’s possible to give tier 20 boosts for that dino. With that in mind, my position is that no creature immune to distraction should get definite rampage. If maxima had 1200 damage and definite rampage It would be too much. Sure, monolorhino is no maxima, but If they set a rule about that i don’t think they should break It again like they did for Mammolania. They’re just contradicting themselves at this point.


Technically they never said it was a rule, but by removing it from Maxima and Indoraptor G2, it was kinda implied. But when a dino like Mammolania exists, I don’t think a non-buffing 1000-1200 immune definite rampage is any sort of issue.

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Well, i personally wouldn’t have an issue with monolorhino having It as long as It has low damage(but for me low damage wouldn’t be more than 1100), but Mammolania is a true gross miscalculation and probably will get nerfed eventually. This is just for having an appealing op new thing.


I wouldn’t bet money on it

Well, I do. Ludia’s balancing system obviously doesn’t work, so I think it’s time to resort to common sense.
FYI, Suchotator is OP for a Rare hybrid, and everyone knows it. They just like it better that way.

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I know! They voted that Gemini doesn’t deserve a nerf, and I don’t even know how to respond to that.
It is possible that the majority just had no experience with it though.

Maybe we need filter poll options, so that the only ones voting are ones with experience? I don’t know.

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Well, thankfully you’re not in charge of balancing, because basing kits and stats soley on genetic ancestry would mean a lot of unncessary nerfs and generally more boring dinos across the board.

I have no experience in game design, so I’m thankful for that too.
But, you don’t have to be boring to follow genetic ancestry. See my “reworked” threads for examples.

If something needs an unnecessary nerf due to ancestry, that probably means it’s ancestors aren’t balanced in the first place, but not necessarily. Sometimes, either for lore or just for a cohesive kit, genetic ancestry can be deviated from slightly.

You don’t have to use all the same moves that the parents have, it’s just the basic abilities that are important. Like how Diorajasaur got Instant Distraction because Tuojiangosaurus has Distracting Strike. Tweaks like that allow for creativity and balance.

Edmontoguanodon has no reason to have nullifying and healing moves. I’d say it’s not a big deal if it has them, as it’s the furthest thing from overpowered and is the saving grace for what would otherwise be a slightly better Edmontosaurus.

Erlikogamma has no reason to have a Precise move in it’s kit. Neither ErlikG2 nor Charlie have it. But again, it’s hardly overpowered, and Precise only helps what would otherwise be a pretty standard Erlikosaur with a bit more utility.

The two snake hybrids have absolutely no reason to have sidestep. Are they overpowered because of it? No, it’s arguably the only thing keeping them from being bottom of the barrel for their rarity.

Indominus Rex G2 has Definite Strike and Mutual Fury for no reason given it’s ancestry. So what? It makes an otherwise pitifully boring dino more interesting and viable. You could say the same for immunity and cloak on it but immunity is for balancing purposes (stunning through cloak) and cloak because it’s an Indominus.

Indoraptor. Not much of a reason for it to have Cleansing Impact. So what? No reason to worry if it’s balanced.

Spinonyx? Precise, Definite and a RENDING move? Who cares?

Now, for something like Gemini, it should have it’s immunity removed not for genetic ancestry, but for balance and interesting gameplay purposes. There lies the key. Genetic mutations that deviate from ancestry are great and interesting, until they make a creature overpowered.

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It has an Immune ancestor. Cleanse is the closest thing non-immunes have to Immunity.

It’s the poster boy of that update, so it got all the new abilities. A bit of artistic license there, and I think it’s fine. The parents both have Defense-shattering moves, so it’s not that huge of a tweak, and like you said with the others it doesn’t make it overpowered. In fact, I’d argue it’s underpowered.

Yes, but I’d like to add a bit to that statement. The deviations should be based on logic or lore. Like with Indominus G2. Or Cautious Strike on Indo G2.
There should be some genuine appreciable inspiration behind them, not just a desire to create something that can be a Tyrant.

Sidestep on a counter-attacker is something I have talked about at length before, it’s just as intuitive as putting Instant Distraction on a counter-attacker. It makes for a well-rounded kit.

This is the case with the others. Suchotator and Edmontoguanodon fit in here. Erlikogamma is a hybrid of one of the movie raptors, which are shown to be really intelligent. Personally, I think it was based on Delta though. Dunno how Ludia messed that up.