Reworking#3: Monolorhino

Well, these are all very loose restrictions. Given all that I see little reason why Monolorhino can’t have up to 5k health and even Shielded Deccel Strike, or some other outlandish move to fit it’s very clearly intended tanky playstyle.

It doesn’t have a tanky playstyle though. It’s more like a bulky Monolometrodon. I mean, changing the moveset completely to make it better is allowed, yes, but I frown upon it because it’s lazy.

The dream is to have a not-boring, balanced hybrid that draws almost exclusively from its ancestry, with a little bit of lore and inspiration behind it.

It can take a bit of thought, but all good things do.

Monolorhino is totally meant to be a bulky bleeder. I’ve tried it out. That’s where it works best, or at least in a passable way.

I agree that it should draw mostly from it’s ancestry, but it’s not only logical, but also more interesting and fun for creatures to gain genetic mutations and differences from their parents that make them stand out and be superior.

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Yes, but throwing Shielded Decel Strike, Definite Rampage and DSR on everything is not fun. It’s boring.

So don’t throw them on everything.

Rinex, in description, use defensive skills of sino and draco, it has decel strike, but don’t have shield. Here wooly rhino have decel strike and monolorhino is a “tank bleeder immune”, and need or nullyfication or decel ore decel shield. For 4400 hp, I wrong, i wanted to put 4500

Just brainstorming here.

~4500 HP
~1070 attack
~119 speed
~15% armour

Nullifying Strike
Velocity Impact
•Distracting Impact
Definite Wounding Impact


Velocity Impact: Deal 1.5x damage. Increase speed 30% for 3 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

Definite Wounding Impact: Destroy shields, deal 1.5x damage piercing armour. Deal 0.34x opponent max HP as DoT for 2 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

Just thought some variety in tank speed control would be cool. The rhinos weren’t about speed control before Woolly came along, so I think giving them a speed increase move rather than Deceleration helps them stand out. Woolly Rhino would gain a 20/30% speedup strike instead of Decel Strike. Brontolasmus would be changed too.

If you’re not into the while speed-buffing part, alternatively

•Nullifying Strike
•Decelerating Impact
•Distracting Impact
•Definite Wounding Impact

In any case, it’s the return of the 3-Impact moveset, unseen since Monostegotops.


Good idea, but i prefer decel rhino; this is mine:
20% armor
Move set:
Shielded decel strike
Shielded distraction(1.13 move)
Definite wounding impact
Definite rampage


Swap in nullyfication (i add the survey with swap in move)

I prefer acceretion move on rinex, i can do a new survey with this new move.

I like the velocity impact version better, giving signature moves makes It more unique and this move fits It imo

I don’t think It really matters If it’s “OP for a rare hybrid”. What really matters is that If It were actually OP and uncounterable. Having one or other stronger common, rare or epics is more fun. On that same note, everyone complains about yoshi because it’s just an epic, but to me that doesn’t matter at all. On an end game scenario It isn’t really unbalanced. The ones causing issue are the overleveled overboosted ones. When on the same level I’ve had no issue with It. Much less suchotator. I don’t use any of those dinos, but i don’t think suchotator should get nerfed. As for yoshi, i don’t care If It gets nerfed, an hp nerf would make It a bit less annoying and that evasive impact move seems like a interesting option for It to differentiate from monomimus as the more offensive one. But looking at the end game i wouldn’t say it’s necessary to nerf It just because of the rarity. Ludia does what they will with their rules or lack thereof.

But it isn’t fair to the other creatures of the same rarity, and it certainly isn’t fair in the skill tournaments, and the lower arenas. Imagine if Maxima was a Common, that would be wrong on so many levels.

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Yeah, you are correct on that, my argument was directed at the end game scenario. But while people fairly complain about yoshi on the lower arenas I’ve never seen anyone complain about suchotator. It seems even there it’s not considered OP. On rare tournaments that i participated suchotator was fine to deal with, not OP at all.

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That is true. Maybe that’s just because it has such clear-cut counters or something. It isn’t really much of a problem. But in the situations that it does well, it does really well.
Plus now it counters Indoraptor G2, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Ya but like Suchotator wasn’t tan great to begin with it’s most prominent thing was LW plus ID usally meaning chompers where dead but anything that could cleanse, regen, had armor, could hit hard and fast or immune could like easy beat it that why u it is only mid apex barely; plus you have another bleeder of your own and it’s dead.

Compare that to yoshi who can’t take on anyone at or under tyrant and win; it’s not the rarity we’ll that too but not the rarity it’s self if his thing was a super hybrid I think more people would complain but this thing is a epic hybrid that puts all others even it’s close to similar broken brother from another mother indom gen2 to shame. It’s just way to good for what it is