Reworking all the Cenozoic hybrids

Welp like the title suggests I decided to change or rebalance the Cenozoics hybrids to just be more balance or to make them better depending on there parents. Now these will be controversial ik but still most that aren’t super are wayyyy to good so in no particular order here we go

I will also be putting notes on some ik are gonna get controversies* just look for the *

Brontolasmus- epic hybrid
4,000 : Health
1,100 : Attack
109 : Speed
30% Armor

Moveset: No changes

(*) these changes come from the fact that both parents dont have any health above 4,000 so it just get 500 out of k now where on top of that its some how becomes faster than both of it parents but thats all I changed armor, moveset, and damage all fall in line with it lineage

Mostly this doesn’t change any of it match I believe in epics except prorat and maybe rixs but prat is an issue i am going to get latter but ya it brings this hybrid down a peg considering its ingredients aren’t that great and its only an epic.

Carboceratops- legendary hybrid
3,600 : Health
900 : Attack
107 : Speed
50% : armor
Immunities: DoT and vulnerability
Moveset: no changes

(*) this returns some this turtles glory after the crippling nerf it received in 1.13 but also does return back to op stats now it a balance overall well rounded and unlike the regular turtle this thing can usually out speed most non hybrid chompers and with distraction can keep those armor piercer and defense shattered at bay.

To counter it its best to used high armor creatures or just a faster chomper to do the trick immunes are also goo but must be able to o through armor and shields.

Dilophoboa- legendary hybrid
4,300 : Health
1,000 : Attack
118: Speed
Crit: 10%
Immunity: distraction


  • Decelerating strike
  • Precise rampage
  • Nullifying impact
  • Distracting impact
    Venomus counter

(*) Now after ludia has fails to buff the noodles i think this buffs them up a notch, giving it some titanboas bulk and dilophosaurus distraction this allows its to finally use that useless counter to it advantage along with speed control this jack of all trades is very hard to take down but this buff does come at a price. This means the lose of sidestep which makes no sense in its kit, no increase is made in attack since that double distraction and distraction after being hit means unless your immune you gonna be distracted no matter what. Bleeders are also now a very good counter as it can’t cleanse but now most chompers have no chance is beat this thing. Counter to this rope would be very high health tanks that can cleanse distraction for at least one turn, anything with amor can also reduce that amount of damage taken, immune speedsters are this best counter such as erlidom, indoraptor both gens, spxs, and prorat. Most speedsters are also good they will probably be slowed or distracted so it best to go the immune route and as always immune tanks and chompers will also do well.

Entelomoth - legendary hybrid
4,200 : Health
1,300 : Attack
117: Speed
*20% : Armor
On escape heal
Immunities: stuns
Moveset: no changes

(*) this finally put the pig in its place as it now can’t become faster than anything at 129 speed meaning stuff like spxs, dilorach, erlidom, Orion, phorasura, indo gen2 and prorat can now counter or severely hurt it. Slower bleeder now also do very well against it as it become more pig like it loses some attack and due to the mammoth dna it gains the same health as the pachyderm but also slows it down. This finally rid us of a regular hybrid killing (92% roughly) of all creatures.
Counters would be slower bleeder as they make sure that damage sticks and anything above 129 speed.

Keratoporcus- legendary hybrid
4,410 : Health
1,200 : Attack
109 : speed
20% : armor
Immunities: immune to DoT
Moveset: only one change and that is decel strike becomes definite strike. The rest remains unchanged

(*) not much has changed on this hybrid as I found it very well reasoned with it parents stats. Although overall three changes were made and they were the lost of immune to Distraction yea unlike ludia I’m not dumb enough to to realize that immune to distraction plus MF plus Definite rampage might be just wayyy to op. Two is the lost of 4 speed this mean MF can only make it go up to 121 speed and considering it kit I think that fast enough. The final one is Decel strike to definite strike meaning loss of speed control again with kit i think its fine.

Counters are any immune tanky creature, speedsters, and anything above 121 speed.

Mammolania - Unique super hybrid
4,000: Health
1,000: Attack
114 speed
50% : armor
Immunities: DoT


  • Superior Vulnerability
  • Ferocious strike
  • Defense shattering Rampage
  • Regeneration

(*) boy oh boy was this thing super hard to just not to make op but this is the best i could come up with. It has lost the signature PFS in favor of SV and if you do want to got for the old ferocious route then you have access to ferocious strike. It also has received a down grade in Rampage from DR to DSR just to make it more counterable. Also of course it loses immune to distraction and a lose of 400 Attack but it also gains 50% percent armor so now its own creature and not just a more broken Copy of terium now don’t be foolish and think it a walk in the park to take it down this creature still packs a punch doing lots damage in a rampage from either SV+DSR = 4,000 or FS+DSR =4,500 and if you are able to pull off the combo of FS+SV+DSR you can do 7,500 damage! Not only that if every low enough this creature can use regeneration!

Now to counter this creature its best to use immunes like trysor if you want to take it down hard, stunners also work but its best to be weary a that armor does protect it from most damage. Tryko and tento are also good counters as tryko can hit hard turn one then distract that rampage if timed perfectly and tento can distract it and hit back hard, thor could also work but you need to be lucky and get two crit one impact and one on instant charge. Magna can also be good as it can distract and hit hard enough while not dieing in one hit. Alloraptor also becomes a very good counter as it can not be slowed and can distract and use rending takedown to get it low or kill it.
Gemini still beats it easily and immune dodger such as indos and prorat might be able to take down if RNG is on there side Dilorach can also wound it but can kill it.
both indoms also become counter if they dodge twice. And finally moth can still counter it.

Mammotherium- legendary hybrid
4,200 : Health
1,100: Attack
114 : Speed
*20% : Armor
immunities: non

Moveset: dig in becomes defensive stance. Rest of kit unchanged

(*) now this more balnced now as you may have noticed this thing has lost -320 attack! And 500 health! PFS+DR= 4,950. And yes first of all ahem… NON OF ITS PARENTS HAVE 4,800 HEALTH! okay now that we got that out of the way the rest is plain, dig in is replaced by defensive stance mean while it can cleanse anything every turn and gain shield for two turns it is unable to do direct damage nor heal this make up for the loss of immunity yet it still has access to speed control with bellow. And it keep definite rampage to be able to deal with those dodgers. overall it bring mammoterium down to a level that easily is more manageable.

Anything with distraction or stun can now halt mammotherium in its tracks. So Dino’s like utarinex, spxs, dilorach, monomimus, monometradon, pyrritator, uthasino, paramol, and dilophoboa become great counters. This also mean now tryko, tento, and to an extent thor become good counters as well.

Monolorhino- unique super hybrid
4,450 : Health
1,050 : Attack
120 : Speed
15% : armor
Immunity: full

  • Nullifying strike
  • Lethal wound
  • Distracting impact
  • Definite rampage

(*) oh monolorhino ludia has made you go through a lot so let’s get started. Rhino here get what he deserves with a buff of 700 health and 4 speed points this brings it wayyy up to its parents level. This jack of all trades has a move for everything you got a speedster you have the option to null if they have cloak or hit them with Definite rampage for maximum carnage and not having to worry about any negative effects thanks to full immunity. You got a tank no problem lethal wound will take care of that, got a chomper no problem with distracting impact you sure to only take half of their overall damage. Now unlike a certain other Dino (cough cough Gemini cough cough) all this diversity does come at a cost tho and that is in its attack which it only gains 90 more of. This mean while it diversified and equipped to handle anything it also wont be able to dish out crazy amount of damage only doing 3,67 5 pure damage in two hits so it will usually take three turns to take most high health or immune creatures out. And as you may have noticed it doesn’t have the greatest health meaning it can usually survive 1v1s it probably will be taken out after that. Slower creatures may have a harder time against it but using fspeedsters, immune tanks, speedsters anti-tanks or chompers will usually do the trick.

Phorusaura - legendary hybrid
3,100: Health
1,300 : Attack
130 : speed
Immunities: deceleration


  • Sidestep
  • Instant Rampage
  • Stunning strike
  • Impact and run
    swap in dodge

(*) alright lets get this started. 1) this thing had way to much health for something that you know instantly rampage you then rampage you twice oh even if you slow it or distract it sorry sidestep so makes sense considering it’s abilities, speed, and attack that this thing be a you know a glass cannon. 2) Immune to swap prevention is way too much mean after the initial rampage there is no way to finish phorasura off unless you have something with counter attack and its low enough to be killed anyway plus it makes no sense so like all other birds phorasura gets immune to slow but this also means SS has got to go. 3) so now as on its parent sidestep becomes its base move, meaning it has an open space for something new so I decided to take the swap in stun and turning it into stunning strike and replacing swap in stun with the way more reliable swap in dodge same as it parents. As for impact replacing rampage again makes more sense considering it maiasaur parent.

This still means dinos like dilorach and most non-armored speedsters will lose to it as well as some chompers but thor (if it stuns it) and tryko will now hav better chances at beating it. Stuff with pinning and no escape moves will help make sure phorasura doesn’t go anywhere as for. Tanks will also be good against it as long as they have a big enough hp pool or stunning moves . Spxs will be mind game but can now just survive its rampage speed up and make sure it will hit through side step. Erlidom now one shots it meaning phora has to try to dodge that rampage and hope it can land in a hit and run. Nemys will probably be its best counter along with the other olania, tessbus, grypo could also do very well same with rixs. While Gemini may have no trouble dealing with thi surprisingly this will make it harder for maxima to do significant damage. But ya the reduction in health means basically it finally becomes a glass canon that can hit hard and you choose either to fight or take flight.

Smilonemys- unique super hybrid
3,700 : health
1,100 : Attack
127 : speed*
50% : armor
Immunities: stuns
Swap in prowl

  • Superior vulnerability
  • precise pounce
  • Rampage and run
  • Dig-in

(*) you know for something called smilonemys it has last almost nothing form nemys except armor this fixes that. Nemys at first seems to get another nerf losing another 100 attack and 200 health and the lost of celebrate prowl. But the benefit far out way the loss shielded decel is now replaced with SV meaning now nemys does more damage than ever especially against the indos doing 3,674 damage even if Sv is dodged turn one and if that dodge misses than say bye bye to you indo since it will do 4400 damage!
Not only that nemys now gains dig-in meaning it can regen and shield itself in case its in a tuff spot while cleansing and speeding up making sure its faster than its competitors. All this with out losing it double rampage and while it does loses it swap in stun it gains a new well i say new but it was no really it was announced back in 1.7 and that is swap in prowl ( when swapping in gain 100% percent to dodge 66% of opponents damage, increase crit change by 50% for one turn) allowing you to get that big first hit next turn.

As always it has it counters a big on is DoT at least when it doesn’t have dig-in at the ready. Chompers like tryko and tento will do very well against it although Thor still loses to it same with both indoms. Tanks will be able to stall a slowly wear it down. Anything immune can take it on but it better hope it can go through that a or and survive this rampages. And with the loss of immune to stuns the tower once gain can be good counter along with dsungia and anything that has long last slowing effects as the only way it can can cleanse it I thru dig-in. Overall this make both Nemys stronger but also more balanced.

Smilocephalosaurus - legendary hybrid
3,300 : Health
1,400 : Attack
127 : Speed
Immunity: stuns

Kit: one change evasive strike become shielded strike. Rest of kit remains the same

(*) no not much has changed with this hybrid I feel like It has its place in the meta come in do damage swap Lou same as phorasura but more bulk and with more survivability. But as we know and if it’s not clear these two Dino’s were rat killer destined to swap in at the same time or after a rat swaps in and the one shot it and then swap out again. Against this was great back in the day when Swap in DSR and swap in rampage was the biggest problem for speedsters but now that the rat is dead these two were left just to roam unchecked and while ludia ddI nerf them last patch but like others it was literally just 100 and that kinda a slap on the wrist. Anyway this once again brings it down as a glass cannon able to damage while receiving less damage and able to run ready to come in again. This makes sure it stay to that formula but it’s also more counterable by high hp creature as the lower attacks mean it does 2800 per rampage 5,600 in two rampages. While still a lot of damage this does mean tanks now have a way better chance at doing more dangerous against it most chompers still won’t have a good chance but tryko and tento are still good against it overall remains mostly unchanged just small tweaks to make it more counterable.

Tetsacornibus- unique super hybrid
Stats remain the same

One and only change it gains on escape heal, rest of kit remains unchanged

(*) this tanks only problem is the meta otherwise this would easily be top 20 or top ten in the game, not only can it handle speedster with no armor piercing abilities with shields and superiority moves meaning no distractions ever on this guy. And it can deal with chompers and distracting speedsters with distracting shields combined with Immune to slow and DoT this thing is very strong and If you survive for this two turns you can unleash a 4,500 damage devastation. And now it also has the upper hand against swappers with one escape heal. What really hold it back are immunes like the indos, prorat, maxima and such but overall this is one great hybrid.

Last and not least

Thylacotator- epic super hybrid
4,500 : health
900 : damage
117 : speed

Kit says the same

(*) okay so we can all agree that -450 Health nerf was pointless okay good let get on with it shall it. Thyla works best against anything with high health that slow and non immune using that LW+RT combo its able to to shot anything in it path. Well not quite see thylas problem is also apparently when you realize that gallimimus can beat it. And that all come down to thylas weaknesses while see can keep speed control it can only do it for one turn mean long lasting speed control moves will work for at least one turn. Not only that but it easily countered by immunes for example nemys still beats even with the nerf to attack and stuff like monolorhino easily just wipe the floor with it. Even tenato rex who you expect it to be good against beats it 100% of the time. So ya while this brings back old high apex thyla the Thor an tryko killer its hang on to high by a thread as it loses to every thing there except trakus, dioraj, stygidaryx, and monostego.
Also yes lost 100 attack to make up for bleed buff.

But thylo you forgot spinoconstricor.

Oh ya well I just gave up on that so ya any…

What wait you mean you gave up; did you even try reworking it?

Sigh…honestly I did but I couldn’t find away to make it good you can have it have too much ho since it has double bleed and 100% dodge, so then one of this have to go but the. It can survive long so then you have to give it a stronger move but then the counter will be too strong so and so on. Honestly the only way I see constrictor being good is ditching that counter and going full bleeder but as it is trying to find a balance it just way too hard especially that I like it gimmick but for now constrictor stays open to suggestions.


I haven’t read yet but if there a Yoshi’s nerf I’d be happy


No it Cenozoic mammals not Dino’s unfortunately

Although if you looking for one I suggest @Qaw ‘s thread on epics

you did forget spinocon. but honestly idk how to make her better (other than a health buff) without making bleed better.


Lasmus: Another pretty harsh nerf for it. What’s up with people not liking Lasmus today?

Carboto: Good good, it needs some help for sure.

Dilo: I dig it.

Moth: I’d say that’s a fair nerf. I think it could keep the health tho since the damage and speed got nerfed anyway. Its important for it to not outspeed even velo after an MF.

Porky: I think it should keep a slowing moves, but otherwise that’s cool.

Lania: Eh. If Moth and Mammo can keep PFS I think it should keep it too. I think it should have the same stats, but with 1450 damage, no distract immunity, and deccel impact for bellow.

Mammotherium: It’s fine now. Its not that good anyway. I was very close to dropping mine in the last tournament. I feel like this would cripple it totally.

Monolorhino: Eh. It’s a buff but I’m not sure it makes it much better.

Phor: I think it got nerfed sufficiently last patch. Not sure it needs to go further.

Smilonemys: Absolutely does not need any more nerfs, and the one it got wasn’t deserved in the slightest.

Smiloceph: [see smilonemys]

Cornibus: This one badly needs a stat buff, but OEH is cool too.

Thyla: Give it back the health and make it bit faster. Agree.


The changes are really cool but still sad about Lasmus nerf I know for an epic is very strong but not sure if it still a good idea, I mean in the skill tourney epic it’d be hard to counter Yoshi yeah but I still understand this nerf but not agree

And about Mammolania I feels like is a bite worse than Therium I don’t know, I feel this nerf is a bit to hard I can hardly see how he would be useful sure he can decel + vulnerable and then DSR but is not because a dino looks OP on the paper is good on the meta, Bajatonodon is the biggest proves lmao, but of course I want this guy gets a nerf yeah but I want he’s still versatile like Dio or Tryko, but it’s only an advice maybe this new Mammo does better than I thought

Oh and great job about Dilophoboa :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel like a lot of the nerfs listed here are based solely on the idea of the hybrid not deserving X or Y because its progenitors don’t have it, but the point of the hybridization is to fuse desirable traits into one creature that is stronger than either of its parents. If I’m putting in the effort to create these beasties, I definitely want them to be worth way more than just overleveling the original creature.


How do I like something twice?

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I’ll accept both the like and the comment following as two likes

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Excellent choice. Take mine too

True but some creatures are ways to good but again I am open to suggestions

Also isn’t that the problem with mammolania it’s just mammo but more broken and like 10% more armor

But one question why Mammo don’t have DR but Therium does ?

Cause mammo can cleanse distractions and has a longer lasting ferocious while terium can but it loses a turn doing so… I am debating weither or not to added back on olania

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True but there is a difference between getting the best of both worlds and getting 600 health out of know where and giving something with immune to distraction to something that has an unstoppable rampage

But again I am open to other ideas these are not set in stone I can take suggest and maybe tweak the stats and moveset based on what people want I just don’t also want these thing to be the best for example the mammoth hybrids out class any chomper.

Mammolania received Definite Rampage for the same reason all the other uniques were upgraded from armor-piercing to defense-shattering ages ago. Expanding the capabilities of the creatures they’re meant to counter with shields and invincibility and evasion means expanding their capabilities to keep up. Creatures’ kits have become increasingly complex. The system of hybridization lends to all of this because, once again, releasing hybrids missing the key abilities of their parents is pointless.

There are plenty of abilities that are underused and might become more valuable later. Eventually, new critters will roll out and alter the meta in a way that makes Mammolania and its ilk less useful. Odds are, in your line of thinking, Ludia will also decide to waste all the effort people put into Mammo and take away its most valuable assets, which will make all of the creatures Mammo keeps under control more power. Such is the way of this system of buffs and nerfs.

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And to respond more specifically to the deal about mammoths outclassing chompers, I reiterate my point about how the chompers were given DS abilities to combat big tanks with shields and invincibility. But that was a long time ago.

Chompers are kind of dated now. Thor had his moment in the spotlight back before the Rat was brought under control. Tryko does okay, but relies on an underwhelming counterattack and two priority abilities that are easily overcome by a field of shattering and distraction-resistant opponents. Chompers are sledgehammers in a world where you need a scalpel. Or maybe a diamond drill bit. The new definite tanks perform that function. The ferocity gives them enough damage to take out a dodgy defense-shattering attacker before it cuts through their armor with a rampage.

I mean we seen it done multiple times but again what you you suggest cause this thing is broken there is a difference between a drill and a laser this thing is the laser of all lasers and yes defense shattering was added but guess what was also added more dodge and distraction moves mammo doesn’t have almost anything to counter it that’s the problem