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Reworking chompers and their hybrids (+ideas)

I know pretty clearly that there’re tons of creatures in this game, that need rework (monolometrodon, rhino, sarcorixis, diplodocus etc.), however I decided to post here few ideas about remaking “chomper” family line.

First of all, at this time we have two main families of large theropods commonly described as “chompers”: allosauroids (except concavenator) and tyrannosauroids (except lythronax and proceratosaurus). Both of these families posess very similar movesets and abilities what is pretty much understandable, by looking at their role in the area (destroying high hp resillient), but honestly I find it pretty damn boring.

That’s why I decided to spread them into two different roles that will probably make both more enjoyable: allosauroids would be high hp renders and armor piercers, while tyrannosauroids would be basically high dmg shield destroyers.
Everything is pretty simple right? In fact yes, but the true problems appeared while reworking hybrids, especially Thoradolosaur (hybrid that I used to adore, but after facing 10+ nitro thors in a row day after day, I have enough, as everyone I guess), because is and it’s “parent” possess instant charge, which is the clue if it comes to this creature, and Trykosaurus (I have no idea what to do with it now). They’re not perfect but I felt like overall problem of uselessness of few chompers, compared to other ones in the same rarity (exclusives are meant (allosaurus/tarbosaurus and acro/rex/allog2) deserves to touched in some point. Few of them do not even counter resillients as they were meant to do, but this is not the case here (elasmotherium, diplodocus etc. are overall OP as for their rarity and need to be nerfed in some point).

The problem of imparity between creatures in the same rarity and family appers in few more examples (lythronax/majungasaurus, irritator/baryonyx gen2, Edmontosaurus/Tenontosaurus etc.), so maybe I will try to rework other families too.
So here they are:

pobrane (15) pobrane (10) pobrane (14) pobrane (7) pobrane (6) pobrane (11) pobrane (12) pobrane (16)


Giving them an effective HP above 4500 means most Cunnings won’t be able to beat them in 2 hits, which is a big no-no. Cleansing moves with high attack and crit stats also breaks the typecast and render any Cunnings instant SI-damage fodder after 1 hit.

Very good point, although there’re a lot of cunnings that would be able take them out in 2 turns even if Acro/ Allo g2 would use cleansing ability, for instance Kelenken, Velo, Dakota, Troodon etc. Allosaurus gen 2 is an exclusive creature which is meant to be more powerful than other ones, however it would be counterable by dodgers. My version of Acrocanthosaurus needs to be nerfed a bit because of its ferocious ability, I see now although I do not see problem with allosaurus gen 2 at all.

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They’re outnumbered by the ones that can’t though, they’re definitely in the minority. A crit on Cleansing Strike or a hit through evasion would render even the ones you mentioned to swap-in damage fodder, but the odds of that are somewhat acceptable.

Allo G2 being stronger due to exclusivity makes sense, but making it marginally better against the creatures that are supposed to counter it, when they’re already oppressed by the meta isn’t a good idea imo. You could easily make it stronger with resistances (which Ludia have already done to some extent), and in other ways that don’t affect Cunnings negatively.

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