Reworking Meg, Dilorach, Tuora and Rinex

Move set:
Definite strike
Ferocious stike
Defense shattering Impact
Short defense
°Decelerating counter
°Immune to distraction
-Gorgo have purification impact, and with ferocious, distraction for isn’t a problem, for this she is immune to distraction.

Move set:
Nullyfing superiority
Distracting impact
Greater stunning rampage
Rampage and run
°Immune to swap prevention
°On escape evasive strike
-On escape evasive strike for his depscrition.

Move set
Remain unchanged
°Immune to decel
°Immune to swap prevention
°medium counter-attack
°Swap in heal
°On escape in heal
-Heal passive because Para have regenerate and run.

Move set:
Shielded decel strike
Distacting impact
Rampage and run
Instant charge
°Swap in definite headbutt(775 damage)
°Immune to swap prevention

-Shielded speedup strike because sino have dig in, and swap prevention can help him in more situation. With swap in headbutt you can kill opponet creature with swap.

What do you think on this belanced?


Megalosuchus having ferocious impact and being immune to distraction? Seems a bit op for a legendary, but then again, theres an epic creature is in tyrant tier with absolutely proven stats so I wont argue.

Diloracheirus, I feel like long decelerating strike would work if it was immune to distractions. Perhaps nerf its attack down a few degrees to 1300 or 1350. The other ideas are absolutely perfect.

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Meg and dilorach edit

I like your utahrhinex idea, and how you gave it 15% amor and a 20% crit chance. I also really like your swap in definite headbutt idea too. Maybe then she could get her tyrant status back.


Eh idk superiority on Dilorach helps with tanks since you can slow them stun and run and while yes it would help right against its sisters it also mean it loses speed control against basic stuff like tenato, Orion, mammo, olania, gamma, sinoraptor, rinex, even stuff like mammoth, anktry, or suchotator and thyla can now just SS and kill it

It seems that Impact and two Rampages for Dilorach would be too much. Though Dilorach is bad in current meta, cause there is no place for stunners and distractors in immune meta.

Toura only needs more damage or bigger damage on counter.

Damage of a chomper on Rinex? That’s probably too much. On the other hand speedup strike won’t make it better.

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Edit dilo and rinex

Exactly I use Dilorach and the only reason it does poorly is cause of

A) boosts which say screw you to balance


B) immunities being on everything

Before there was a reason it took till 1.9 you know when these buffs and things were added
To knock it out of tyrant and it’s not like it’s the worst of her sisters (cough cough spxs). It does the second most damaged in two turns

Erlidom: cloak+rampage= 6,400

Dilorach: GSR+RaR= 5,800

Gamma: PR+RaR= 5,200

Spxs: DD+PR or LW+PR= 4,500

And in their three turn combos it’s still really impressive

Erlidom: cloak+rampage+SaR or cloak+rampage+MSS= 8,000

Dilorach: DS+GSR+RaR or SS+GSR+RaR= 7250

Gamma: DD+PP+RaR or PP+MS+RaR= 6,500

Spxs: LW+ DD+ PR or MSS+LW+PR or DD+MSS+ PR= 6,000

So in other words Dilorach sacrifices its turn one high damage for turn two and three super damage.

@KingInfernal9 Swap in headbutt is still wrong. It does 0.5x damage, so thats 775.

On Rinex Deceleration is more useful than speed-increasing moves. Other than that, Tuora being immune to stun is so-so (that Immunity is way too common, as I’ve said before). Everything else is pretty good.

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Ludia has gave him this immunity

I know, and Ludia has caused a major imbalance by giving too many creatures Immunity to Stuns. It’s one of the reasons Diloracheirus and Tuora are doing so badly in the first place, ironically.
So basically, you get brownie points for coming up with reworks that don’t involve Immunity to Stuns.

I think immune to stun is good for tuora, but now i’ve gone him immune to deceleration+1100 dmg, maybe this should help it better

It wasn’t necessary to change it lol, I just said it as something to keep in mind. Feel free to rework dinos however you see fit.
If you think Tuora works better with Immunity to Decel, then stick with it. If not, change it.

Ok, i’ve asked you an advice on him becouse i never use him, and i don’t know him weakness, i don’t want useless or op creatures

I don’t use Tuora either…
But I’ve heard @Dinobai18 does.

Overall i love the reworks. Meg and tuora are perfect imo, i love decel counter on Meg and the healing passives on tuora. I think utarinex is better with deccel strike over shielded speed up, but swap in definite headbutt is perfect. For dilorach It seems you got the Idea of on escape evasive strike from the snakes since they have a dilophosaurus parent. I think that’s a nice Idea. I just don’t know what exactly is medium superiority strike, is It a 0.5 damage version? Either way, i think It would be good for dilorach to have a move like superior nullification (unites the effects off superiority strike and nullyfing strike) as it’s basic and keep distracting strike. It already has great damage output and since It has no nullyfing moves from the dilo parent i think It would be cool If It had such a move. Other than that I’d keep your other changes on It.

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Who got my name in they mouths?

Lol, jk. But yes, I do use Touramoloch. Despite how… Deceptively weak she is, I still use her. Granted she has boosts on her, but who doesn’t have boosts on their favorite dino? Great health, but attack is too low to do what she might want to do. I never liked the idea of a dinosaur not actually accomplishing what they were designed to do.

I don’t remember what her original moveset was upon creation, nor what she was supposed to do, but it’s clear that she’s not surviving long enough to accomplish such feats. She gets two-shotted by many creatures despite her rather decent health. I think she should be able to contend with some of the other Uniques, not just those that she happens to be faster than. It’s own hybrid ancestor is better than Toura despite the rarity difference.

I have a problem with her attack and moveset. With all these immunities to Deceleration, fully or otherwise, her turn-one moves are often useless.

And then despite her health, many dinos are able to power through it to wipe her to the sidelines. I would be happy with a health buff in the 200-350 range. But if she gets something that Distracts, then her health can stay the way it is.

And I also would be curious to see her moveset change. Instead of a simple Superiority Strike, give her either Long Decelerating Strike or Shielding Decelerating Strike. Then instead of Decelerating Impact, give her either Distracting Impact (an upgrade from her Tuojiangosaurus ancestor for more survivability), or spice things up and give her Superior Impact. Before people cry “it’s exclusive, it won’t make sense”, there are plenty of creatures in which their movesets don’t make sense from their ingredients, so unless someone is willing to change Suchotator to something that makes more sense to her hybrid ingredients, then I don’t wanna hear it. If it can make you feel better, I’d like to mention that it has a cooldown unlike its Strike counterpart, so that’s a thing.

With such changes, it would be cool for her attack to be something to give her reckoning. Somewhere between 1100~1180. Nothing too overwhelming, but just enough to give her enemies something to think about when she steps in the ring.

The immunity to Stuns is the only thing saving her as of now. Maybe with the suggestions I mentioned, she’d become too much to handle… But with this power creep going on, would she really be too much to handle? I don’t know, but I just want her to be a decent Unique.


Lol jk. Impressive. Who is it? Thylocatator? Trykosaurus? Utahrinex?

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