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Reworking my team (strategy based on Dracoceratops)


Hi people,
I’ve just come back again to 4000 trophies after several weeks farming DNA from incubators in lower arenas.

And now I am here again in 4100 I’ve made a setup that is kind of working though sometimes I feel I’m missing something important.

The point here is that I love hit and runners and specially Dracoceratops that with its speeding up, can outspeed most of Dinos (need two turns to outspeed Velos).

Would you change anything based on this??


I don’t have much into what your team makeup should be. I just have a question, do you have the luxury of making two regular attacks before you’re dead?

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I know you want speed but I would get ride of tany and mono and replace with gorgo and trago… A bleeder would be nice too if you can get one up to least 20… I think you’ll have a tough time staying in the 4000’s with that team. Not that it is not a good team. Just need the levels a bit higher.


I used to have trago and gorgo and they worked really well until I reached 4000 and somehow 1 month ago managed to get into 4300.

Then things changed and didn’t know what to do.

Bleeders… only have Sucotator and still level 17/18… it isn’t much difference know. Maybe in level 20/21 works.

Tany and mono joined the team yesterday as a response to Cloakers.

@Blu Dracoceratops does more than two regular attacks before diying. And well used can have more than one opportunity. If you are referring to Tany, yes, it is a little bit weak as a common but has his place for specific situations.

This is a big mess and planning strategy based on Dracoceratops may be a little crazy but I want to do things a little bit different.

Thanks you


How did dropping down for farming work for you?


farming specific Dinos of arena 1 and 2. Overall Epics.

As you lower arenas you don’t receive the higher arenas exclusive so I have more opportunities to gain DNA I need


So did it work the way you thought it would?


Well I dunno working your team around the future(most likely) sia defence shattering rampage user is a solid idea but with its current move set this legendary is absolute trash mainly because it matches poorly with all the creatures commonly used for their competitive status in the meta! Plus it eats drac2 DNA which is currently worth its weight in gold! Don’t get me wrong has bulky HP but little offence and no armour


worse Than expected but managed to get important DNA for me.


Un saludo a pirulas. Fd: Aracknarok


Well, you’ve already seen my team. Dracocera is hard to place and use, but it works well enough to be more than a novelty.

I’d say the focus isn’t that much on speed, but outspeed & rescue.

For Dracocera to work you should base your team around SIA and, more importantly, using the Stun and Immunity SIAs to rescue your fast attackers so they can go back in later.

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But drac g2 rescues while killing things that makes this hybrid redundant as it does less!!!


Is Dracoceratops really useful? I’ve been thinking on making one but I’m afraid it may not be worth the effort and coins…


But it dies on the next turn. Dracocera, Alanky and Draco’s SIAs fill different roles and against different opponents.

And I’d rather use Draco as a finisher instead of a rescue. I think of my team as 7 dinos + 1 extra attack for the others.

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If you’re not willing to redesign your entire team, no, it isn’t worth it right now.


I have build a swap-team.

  1. 7/8 dinos need to be able to swap when you need.

  2. Every dino will be played 2 times, in and out + in and then dead.

  3. Good combo is swap in bleed (New Epic birds) and/or counter dino (megalosushus/rayakolo) Then swap and damage and next dino also gives damage.

  4. Good is draco gen 1 and 2 and also kapro.

  5. Bleed + dracoceratops Stun = Combo. When stun, it takes damage.

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thanks. can you show your team? trophies?

if so many Dinos are able to swap when you need, at least you should have a big tank despite not having any SIA ability such as trago, deus.

@Majulio take a look


Just won 3-0 agains lvl 16 monomimus + lvl 17 trago + lvl 16 alankylosaurus + lvl 20 I-Rex.


The heck a level 12 Darwin doing there?

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He certainly uses it for the bleed. I sometimes use a Dimodactylus level 14 (and my team and opponents’ are around level 20 or more)… Even at low level, they work like a charm

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