Reworking Old Uniques

I remember a World where Erlidominus,Thor,Tryko,Magni and Diloracheirus ruled,the attacks were ery basic,now a base attack does 3 morbillion side effects,like I still love the game but I missed the old one,ok I’m getting side tracked basically all the old top tiers are now irrelevant fodder,so I reworked them to make them better.

Pretty Basic,gave it Pesky Alert,Evasive Heal,Precise Rampage,Distracting Rampage, and Fierce Strike as well as an HP and Speed Boost

Gave it a few new moves and an Attack Buff

Buffed healing,attack,hp,resistances and gave Cunning Rampage Priority


Magna needs a 0 cooldown move


That’s what i was gonna say

I forgot that,just Fierce Cleansing Strike ig

Give Magna some more HP

It’s a Fast sweeper and it can definitely tank 2 hits with its distraction


really like the Dilo buff

This sounds great, :heart_eyes: ! I think the problem with balancing these creatures to make the game more fun and fair, is it relies on the assumption that the dev team would do this, when it does not make them any money, versus the constant power creep and deliberate lack of balance that does make them money from people buying boost, coins, and exclusive DNA.

You should’ve updated the class when you gave it FS.

Its just one move,you wouldn’t call Echo a Wildcard cuz they got Cleansing Impact

Your point on Echo not being a Wildcard despite her being able to Cleanse all Negative Effects doesn’t work because Cleansing as an ability doesn’t belong to one specific class, whereas Fierce Strike is endemic to the Fierce class and is; by rule of thumb; used by creatures that are either pure or partly Fierce.


Playing Devils advocate, but Albertocevia is considered a pure fierce even though it has 1 cunning move and 1 resilient move and not 6 fierce moves. Or Spinonyx who has 0 cunning moves and yet has Cunning Fierce as a label. But yeah this rework of Edom should be Cunning Fierce due to Fierce Strike.

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Evasive heal is a flock move , you could not give it to non flock creature because it’s a rally move.

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Don’t remove nullify from Magna. I think giving Erlidom full immunity to Deceleration is enough.

This is the perfect Erlidominus buff