Reworking some cunning for the endgame

Well seeing as many are doing reworks for stuff I decided i throw my hat in the ring and rework all unique cunnings. So here they are.

Bring somewhat the old indoraptor back, this version breaths new life into the fan favorite dinosaur but allowing for some notable weaknesses. This version allows for indo to be both good at handling tanks and chompers but not really being excellent at either. Camouflage allows for more reliable damage reduction as well as being able to outspeed faster speedsters, and don’t worry about swap in savagery or rending moves as it will not take as much damage thanks to 40% resistance. To counter this savage creature use resilient moves, nullification and distraction if you don’t want to take a full rampage or too much damage .

This powerful new utarinex doesn’t change much from the current version in game. Still the new additions make it a really soild dinosaur. With the new greater cunning impact it will assure that you don’t take much damage. Shielded decelerating strike allows you to take speed control against other speedsters and even against some resilient creatures while giving some protection along with that extra 15% armor. And with the new and improved swap in headbutt allowing for not only great swap out synergy but now swap in synergy as well. Once again rend abilities will fall flat thanks to rend resistance, all of this allows for a great team player for any team. Want to counter it? Armor, shields and distraction will help you lower the damage output; dodge and cloak abilities can also be of great assistance but resilient moves will surely leave it weak.

While quetzorion has gone through some interesting changes over the patches this new Orion keeps the spirt of the original while leaving direct counters. With cunning strike it will be able go toe to toe with most fierce creatures, and with revenge nullify rampage you’ll be sure to bring payback when you lose a creature to your adversary. Once again not much has changed from the original as it’s mostly perfect with just a few tweaks here and there needed to make close to perfection. Want to counter it? Don’t try to outspeed it as its almost impossible thanks to nullify counter and sidestep, instead of trying to catch up to quetzorion, try to make it catch up to you; use deceleration, and resilient moves to gain the speed advantage. Armor will help reduce the amount of damage taken as well, and finally stunning moves are excellent especially if timed right.

An old reliable classic of Jurassic world alive, Magnapyritor has been in the game since the very start and has always found a spot in endgame teams. Although 2.0 change its great attribute (full immunity) and while still being a very powerful if not one of the most powerful in the game at the moment some changes can be made to make even more so. Ever wanted to distract but also wanted to do more damage well the new ferocious distraction allows you to both harm your enemy’s and increase your own strength. Fierce impact allows allows for better turn 1 damage against tanks if you dont feel like increasing your damage, and with cunning strike its now possible to reduce your opponent’s damage to 0 for 1 turn. Want to counter it? Don’t bother with slower creatures as they will be no match for the Great Fire, instead use faster or equally as fast cunning creatures, as well as creatures with nullification and distraction to stop this creatures in its tracks. Dodge and cloak abilities also work well. Use also speed increasing moves to gain the advantage against the creature to make sure you strike first.
Another old friend from the original days of the game, sadly this one was hurt a lot more by the changes in 2.0. While I would argue that the changes were kinda needed for it too work in the new system I also feel like Erlidominus wasn’t compensated enough for those changes. With G.A.C.S Erlidominus can now be more useful in raids and also in pvp able to double distract when needed. Swap in distraction will also allow you to swap it in in a pinch. Overall once again not much has changed but the extra health, attack and buff to cloak hopefully this helps Erlidominus even if it is vulnerable to being slow. Speaking of counters, what do you bring? Resilient is you best option here, if not bring armor,shields, dodge, or deceleration to keep this nightmare of a chicken at bay.

Smilonemys, oh smilonemys. Since the first day you arrived you have been nerfed time and time again whether it be intentionally or unintentionally smilonemys has been through it all. Then 2.0 brought hope and everything was good until the 2.3 attacked and brought it down back to just meh, this considering this and trykosaurus are the only hybrids that require 3 epic ingredients its just underwhelming. So i added some stuff to make it a bit better, with superior vulnerability not only can smilonemys have speed control but it can also increase the damage out for next turn. Yet if you want speed control and some defense, SDI allows you to make sure you take as little damage as possible while never giving up on speed control. And if your enemies think they can escape your rath with dodge or cloak well they be mistaken when they get precised pounce, as a bonus it can also reduce damage! And if your ever low on damage no matter use dig-in to shield and heal and cleanse any negative effects before your opponent gets a chance to finish you off. So what do you bring to challenge this feline? Bring fierce creatures to get past those pesky armor and shield, and if you cant get past the shields and armor then protect yourself then with your own armor and shields.

Um well this is awkward. Tbh I really had no idea what to do with this. Its the hybrid of a really hated creature, that I got to admit it I really don’t even like and is super easy to make. And there really is not that much room to work with so here is the best thing I could come up with. So what do you bring to counter it… um well just bring resilient or other cunning creatures thats about it. I mean what do you expect its made from 2 commons and a rare.
This mistreated hybrid is back now more powerful than before. With ferocious distraction its able to not only increase its already high attack even further but also make sure the opponent hits like a kitten, while letting its counter do most of the work. Fierce strike mean tanks are never safe from its rath, and with swap in distraction it can come in to save the day before your other creature goes down. So what do you bring? Mostly resilient is the only thing that can bring this board down other wise shields, and dodge can help make sure you dont take too much damage. Cunning moves are also good at lowering it output but be warned it can still hurt you badly. Stuns may also work to stop its cycle of distraction and dodge if you can land it.
Another hybrid that has mistreated Pterovexus has potential to be very powerful. With evasive strike and instant distraction it can keep its foes attacks at bay while using its medium fierce counter to slowly chip away at its health. And don’t try to run. As it has no escape ,earning well you can’t escape from this pterosaurs bites. And if it need to get out of there its can just use lethal swoop to make sure the opponent is weak for the next dino to come in and finish it off or let the bleed finish it off themselves. So how do you counter this scamp? Being creatures with resistances to distraction or that can cleanse like resilient creatures but doing expect that to help gain speed control especially that its immune to deceleration. Other cunning creatures especially those with dodge and cloak and cleansing those effects are your only chance. Although shields and armor could work is you trigger the counter.

Finally we have Erlikospyx, this hybrid has been a roller coaster its entire existence and right now its at every high point, but is it too high? I believe so yet that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give out crocbird no composition and it gets some. With the return of not only lethal wound but debilitating distraction and no escape this kit is a deadly combination. While it doesn’t fair at all against resilient lethal wound allows it to put a timer on how long that creature has to take this thing down, and don’t try to run as no-escape will stop that action in its tracks. And fired strike will make sure shields aren’t a problem. How do you counter it? Best thing to do is bring creatures that are immune or resistance to bleed and or distraction, if not creatures that can cleanse either negative effect will also work well.


Now some were excluded as they were more wild card than cunning and other were just to raid specific and integral to many strategies to change. Plus its my first time really doing something like this

I like most of them but you kinda nerfed manga and rinex. Give spyxs it’s distracting rampage, I would leave rinex and manga alone, replace new dracos impact with acute stun, not cleansing one tho. I would give Indo some new type of move called echolocation: distracts 50% for two turns, evades two turns

2 instead of 3 cuz it distracts 2

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Spyx and mags should be left as is. Rhinex currently isn’t bad either. Quetz needs 50 attack to be good again. Vexus should get cleansing swoop and no escape to be a more cunning dimodactylus. Indoraptor needs DSR and maybe decel immunity. I would say keep pouken’s old moveset, but keep your stats because those are the stats it needs. I would say have dracocerato keep the cleansing impact. Good smilo. And all erlidom needs right now is a 100% decel immunity. Maybe make it bleedable.


Ya see there is a problem right there decel immunity your can’t make a
Most half of the immune to it as well as resilient immune to it cause they why do we have them to counter fierce thats just dumb I can accept a few but the solution being decel immune is just really bad

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Are you saying decel immunity for erlidom is bad? If so, that is not true. Literally use anything with armor and shields and you’ll do fine. And resilience can still remove cloak or distraction

Which is like almost nothing in the endgame beside tryko and Mammolania, nemys is okay but just doesn’t do well, and Testacornibus can’t really do much especially if it can’t slow, oh and dioraj there ya go almost forgot that one. Skoona could work but considering it can only do massive damage every two turn and it’s almost impossible to make that’s kinda out of the picture and entelonaia sucks so that 5 out of 26. Changes lot. Sure you could say well we have also alankylosaurus, stegodeous, nodopatotitan but those aren’t really endgame and aren’t really that good.

Edit almost forgot Orion so 6 out of 26

I think we should stay within class boundaries, but decel immunity would make sense as erlindom should be part fierce :man_shrugging:

Testacornibus can still easy kill it with impact, dig in, devestation. Mammolania tanks it. Dio shields it. Tryko kills it while taking one hit. You have quetz who takes 0 damage.

You can be cunning and immune to decel

Read the entire thing I said

True but many creatures are part fierce and don’t have deceleration immunity

It doesn’t really have any fierce components. But even still it can still be immune

But the faster fierce do have it. Bary, Kapro, alloraptor…

So if erlindom was a fast fierce it should also have it

But erlidom isn’t fierce, and I think it should keep the moveset as it’s pretty good, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be immune

you really forgot constrictor she needs a rework too, and maybe skoona too

Ya but again if it does that it need more weaknesses armor needs shields don’t cut it enough again 6 reliable counter out 26 is just not good plus those fierce that are immune to decl have other weaknesses Alloraptor distraction, and stun, Barry distraction and basically everything but slow, kapro, distraction and stun. Plus some also have stat and Crit trade offs.

Well Spinoconstrictor is more wildcard than cunning and skoona is basically good as it especially that it’s very bulky maybe just adding that resilient counter is all it needs

There are a bunch of legendary tanks that use shields. nodopato, ankyntro, stegodeus, and alankylosaurus. Then you have creatures like carbonemyes who also can do the trick. Erlidom is supposed to suck with shields and armor, deceleration ruins erlidom

Who is gonna use any one these in legendarys in top arenas especially just to counter erlidom.