Reworking some cunning for the endgame

There really isn’t much resilience. I GUESS precise rampage, but you could say the same about something like raking claws or how the erliks have this. Constrictor needs more hp. It’s way too low. 4500

Also also you can beat carbonemys with erlidom actually

Well, not many. But people use dio, tryko, and testacornibus is a creature that will really shine with an erlidom like this. You also have creatures like maxima and gemini that when boosted will do even better with erlidom

i mean yeah constrictor is more like a wildcard, but you put vexus that’s an actual wildcard so why not constrictor? haha, and skoona i totally agree with you

What would your first move in this matchup be as erlidom?
Besides, there is now a cunning unique besides spyx that is good, and even spyx isn’t too solid

Well that more that it’s not based on ingredients and how it works nullification is more neutral. But really it has two cunning parents and one fierce. Spinoconstrictor has one form each class so it’s wildcard at least based on ingredients

Rampage probably

I can go dig in, then SV, then devastation and win

Ya but I could also go cloak and if it a revenge cloak it be worse, then rampage do lost of damage or straight up kill you boom win.

You go Sv I go rampage, you go dig in or Sv again, I go distracting impact, you go dig in or Sv I go minimal speed up rampage then win.

But you will also have to remember that erlidom will also suffer the alloraptor problem: it’s very fragile. A swap-in can decimate it. so while a spyx may not win, it can sure as heck get it into range for a monolorhino

True but easily same from a rat but again depends completely on mind games.

But this erlidom now has a decent shot at hadros lux too, which is a pain for anything to counter (and can 1-shot erlidom with resil rampage set up)

True but thats more a problem of lux just being basically almost broken than erlidom needing to counter it.

Well, being an apex that seems focused on the arena, lux should be really strong. Same with ceramganus. Mortem is pretty strong, but in a different way than people see. Gorgotrabex needs a bit of love

True but when something is like this strong maybe not giving it double rampages, 1,500 attack, a resilient counter, 5,100 hp and greater emergency heal on on one dino could be a better answer.

Like just don’t make things that strong sure it take a lot of time to unlock but so do many other dinos but like these newer apex’s are insane and gorgobex looks like the new prime candidate

But it also had no way of bypassing shields. It gets a bit worse with boosts as more creatures can counter it with boosts (mortem for example). Ceramganus is gonna be stupid though

True but long last shields are hard to come by especially that a counter hit counts a 1 attack and some shields only last 2 attacks then add it can heal its very tough I mean it tyrant for sure.

Ah yes ludia rat god I hate the thought when people start using that thing like we thought wooly rhino was annoying oh boy are we in for a treat

second best 1v1 creature with the best swap-in

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