Reworking the Jurassic World Air Force! (Repost) (Pterosaurs)

This got flagged the first time, so I’m reposting it after a few edits.

Because we all know that the Pterosaurs are hot garbage, I decided to rework them. This includes:

  • The Conter-dons (Pteranodon, Tupandactylus, Dsungaripterus, Pteraquetzal)
  • The Bleeder-Dons (Dimorphodon, Dimodactylus, Scaphognathus, Darwinopterus)
  • The Pterano-Shields (Hatzegopteryx, Quetzalcoatlus, Alanqa)

Daryx and Vexus seem relatively okay, but I’ll look into them.

The Counter-Attackers

#1: Pteranodon:

Something that you will see becomes a recurring issue here is the presence of Impact and Run. Fleeing moves are more of a cunning thing, and that conflicts with the pterosaurs more “Fierce” nature. So, to compensate for its removal, I replaced I&R with Ferocious Strike.

The pterosaurs have a shocking amount of ferocity effects in their family, and, as such, I doubled down on it. The swap in ferocity + FS combo may look a bit extreme, but it only gets one attack off with it (being Ferocious Strike itself), so that doesn’t seem too bad.

The resistance to decel is a generic fierce thing.

#2: Dsungaripterus

Just a health buff, nothing too special.

#3: Tupandactylus

Tupandactylus shares the I&R issue with Pteranodon, which I replaced with Armor-Piercing Impact. Tupandactylus always had more of a focus on direct damge in my mind, and S-IF allows it to do that.

Additionally, Tupan got a sizable health buff of 550 health, because 3250 is simply too little for a counterattacker. I also buffed its attack to a full 1000.

The Pterosaur Tanks

#1: Hatzegopteryx

Hatzegopteryx has a large emphasis on shields. So, I figured, let’s continue that! I replace RS with SDS to start with that.

Hatz also suffers from the I&R thing of the other pterosaurs, so I replaced it with Long Protection, a very potent shielding move.

Swap-In Defense didn’t seem to warrant a removal, so I left it there.

#2: Quetzalcoatlus

I left Quetz mostly the same. For being the “Sauropod” Pterosaur, I thought its health stat suited it. I also changed it to be more like its counterpart, Alanqa, and gave it Swap-In Invincibility, Instant Invincibility and Rampage. Shielding Decelerating Strike obviously took the place of Resilient Strike, as with Hatz.

#3: Alanqa

To continue the trend of B E E G pterosaurs, I buffed Alanqa’s health by about 600, to put it on par with Quetz. Additionally, I gave it pin immunity, because swap-in shenanigans.

As with all the other pterosaurs, Resilient Strike became Shielding Strike, as this lot are tanks that don’t have any armor or a lot of health. So they kinda have to rely on shields.

The Bleeder Pterosaurs

#1: Dimorphodon

Why is this thing being nerfed? Just…why?

In any case, Dimorphodon gets some sizable buffs, with it’s HP being boosted to 3k and its attack doubling.

Additionally, I gave it Cleansing Swoop instead of Minor Swoop, because it’s just a good move and helps with the whole kamikaze thing that this branch of the Pterosaur tree has.

#2: Scaphognathus

Note: LW is supposed to be Lethal Swoop

Scapho is an interesting case. I let it keep its heal, as that’s really just fun. Lethal Swoop is there, once again, for the Kamikaze aspect, as these Pterosaurs have pathetic everything that isn’t speed and bleed.

#3: Darwinopterus:

Darwin gets its health boosted to 3000, a respectable number, and gets CS, because (say it with me) Kamikaze Bleeding.


I think the bleeder pterosaurs all need immunity to Deceleration, and don’t give Dimorphodon Cleansing Swoop, Gashing Wound is better.
As for the fierce pterosaurs, they could do with immunity to Deceleration too.

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Don’t think dsung should just basically be a worse pteranodon, but this is good