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Reworking Triko and Nemys

Move set
Instant distraction
Revenge shattering rampage
Instant invincibility
Piercing medium counter (0,5)

It ain’t much, but is a honest buff. He need a little buff, and with revenge and piercing on counter he have a buff, but remain belanced.

Move set
Shielded decel strike
Dig in
Precise pounce
Rempage and run
Swap in prawl
Immune to stun
Immune to distraction

Now Nemys have immune to distr and to much damage for more damage and dig in from the turtle, but this have one cost: -1 speed and -200hp. But without deliberate prowl he have 20% crits and swap in prowl.

What do you think it? If there is a problem, tell here it.

Tryko did not need anything. Practically any buffs or nerfs would be unnecessary.


Nope nope nope.

Can’t change Tryko. Tryko is a meta-defining dino. If Tryko is weak, it means everything else is too strong and needs a nerf. At most you can tweak its attack and health. There are a handful of dinos like this (Tryko, Erlidom).


Err… those stats are all over the place. Where did the crit come from (none of the components have it).

I guess there is an argument for Dig-in and Swap-in-Prowl sounds like a very interesting move. I would prefer there not to be more unjustified Immunity to Distraction in the game. It already has a cleanse move…

Immunity to Distraction should be limited to Dinosaurs that fulfill a specific niche. I.e. Snakes (Spinoconstrictor etc), Quetzorion. Immunity to Stun should be sufficient.


For Triko, more than a buff is a little update, this isn’t a big change.

I see nemys like a anti speedster/chomper, and immune to distr help it. The crits becouse he lost prowl.

Tryko is fine as it is. No changes needed. Any change would break it.


Giving Tryko a turn 1 Rampage is not a small update. That is huge. Medium Piercing counter is iffy. I liked that Trykosaurus had one of the weakest counters in the game.


Tryko is arguably the most balanced Dino in the entire game


Whoa Whoa Whoa, tryko does NOT need revenge shattering rampage, that would completely break it. I think smilonemys should keep swap in stun and deliberate prowl, after all, it would be nice to trick your opponent into going for a instant move to just deliberate prowl, also no, Nemys would need immune to deceleration to stand a better chance against Maxima and Gemini, no need for immune to distraction.


Trykosaurus and Smilonemys are perfectly balanced, they don’t need any changes.


Swap in stun is MUCH better than swap in prowl. However, dig in is much better than deliberate prowl, so that’s not bad. Tryko doesn’t need changes.It’s fine as is

Maybe Nemys could get some damage back ir something but otherwise it’s good.


Smilo could get a small damage buff I guess. But it’s damage is offset by its armor, shield, prowl, and pounce. It really doesn’t need anything and Trico can stay how it is also

Nope. not a fan here.
Tryko does not need revenge shattering rampage. it would completely break it. I love tryko, but no.
as for nemys, i’d say rework her in a different way. remove immune to decel and buff her damage a bit. she’s a speedster counter, not nessecatily a tank counter so immune to decel isn’t really needed.

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If Tryko gets anything. Make it immune to stuns or distraction.

Otherwise, leave it alone. Its great as is.

So my 3000 attack tryko can swap in and go for a 6000 shattering rampage turn 1? Doesnt sound ti healthy for the game lol

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That would make it busted, not to Gemini or moth extent, but still busted

Which is why I said to leave it alone

Not after swapping in. Turn 1 after any of your other creatures was taken out.

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Ahh im sorry.
Then it is even worse. Tryko doesnt even need to tank a hit then.