Reworks for some of the Worst Legendaries

By which I mean those “Legendary” creatures that don’t quite live up to their name. Namely:

  • Bajatonodon
  • Carnotarkus
  • Spinotahsuchus
  • Megalosuchus
  • Tragodistis
  • Dsungaia

Yes, I am entirely serious. So, I decided that I was going to rework them in a way that…fits. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

#1: Bajatonodon

As much as I would love more red in its moveset, I think this is good enough. Currently, Bajatonodon is ranked as the worst Legendary creature in Gamepress’ 2.2 Tier List, sitting all the way down in Beta. And for good reason. It’s moveset is hot garbage at the moment.

Baja’s Moveset:

  • Resilient Strike
  • Lesser Group Heal
  • Greater Emergency Heal
  • Group Invincibility

I am well aware that Bajatonodon is meant to be run as a raid creature. The problem is that it’s not even good at that, being far outclassed by its counterpart Paramoloch. Additionally, Bajatonodon has pretty much nothing from Bajadasaurus. I guess you could argue for Group Invincibility, but that’s a bit flimsy.

So, to fix it, I move that we give it more elements from its parent, Bahadasaurus. Namely SV, Devastation, and S-I Heal. I also decided to change its Lesser Group Heal to a Lesser Group Heal and Run. Yes, Regen and Run was a massive problem back in the day, but that as because it regenerated 2x HP instead of just 1x and it was an auto swap when On Escape abilities didn’t exist. Note the lack of Pin resistance on this rework.

Tl;DR: Gave it more aspects from Bajadasaurus, a minor stat nerf and a worse Regen and Run.

#2: Carnotarkus

Tarkus I feel needs a stat buff more than anything, so I went ahead and decided to average its stats between its parents. This especially goes for its health, because that is actually worse than both its parents (4000 for Puru and 4500 for Wheuro).

Other than that, Resilient Strike seemed like a good addition, seeing as Wheuro has it and Cleansing Strike seemed like a bit much (though I would love to use that instead).

#3: Spinotahsuchus

I’ve always been slightly salty about Spinotasuchus getting pretty much nothing from Kapro, especially Pre-2.0, where it literally didn’t get anything from Kapro.

I’ve always felt that Spinotahraptor should have a pounce move instead of DI, DR or CI (depending on the update), so I gave it to Spinotasuchus as well.

On top of that, Cleansing Swoop is there because Kapro has a cleansing move, and the same goes for the Decel resist. The speed also comes from Kapro and Spinotah having 126 speed each, and it never made sense to me why Spinotasuchus has an extra three points.

#4: Megalosuchus

No Counter-vore is ever complete without a shield. That’s pretty much just a fact at this point.So, I gave it Ferocious Defense (a revamped version). In addition, I gave it back Definite Strike, as it’s a combination of Resilient and Fierce Strike, both moves from its parents.

It also gets a major health buff, because it really needs it to do anything. Greater Emergency Heal could probably be swapped for Adrenaline Pulse, which I did consider, and still am.

#5: Tragodistis:

Tragod really needs something better than GDS. For God’s sake, even Amargoceph has GDI. So, I gave it Tragod Group Decelerating Rampage instead of GDS.

Additionally, Amargoceph has II, so, I figured that I may as well give Tragod Group Invincibility, as it keeps the “Group” thing and boosts it to Invincibility, which both a component and its old version had.

Just a shame I couldn’t justify more speed.

#6: Dsungaia

Dsungaia was something that I didn’t admittedly have much to justify. The speed I could roughly average between its components, Group Ferocity Strike (a modified version) was just a reasonable addition, given Dsungaripterus having it, GDI was a logical addition, given the stegosaur’s focus on Decel, and the other stuff came from our good pal Mira.

The Health and Armor are just fixtures from the old, Pre 2.0 Dsungaia, things that I honestly think would help it out. Its current health stat leaves quite a bit to be desired (so does Mira’s, really), and the armor is just a natural stegosaur thing.


you forgot monomimus

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Monomimus I don’t really know what I could do for…

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Obviously the best way to fix Monomimus is to nerf it’s speed


Bajatodon is a great healer though. Irritator was the worst rare, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it because of how good it is in raids. If anything, maybe give it a swap in ability?

I actually think tarkus is a bit underrated. If hadros wasn’t resistant to distraction, I am pretty sure that’s a 50/50 in tarkus’s favor, but after that, it can still tussle with the top tiers. I would say that creatures like skoola and dilophoboa need more love

Swap in definite strike like gen 2


That would be cool. Personally it feels weird that it can remove dodge, but as long as Gen 2 can do it, Gen 1 could too. Swap in attacks don’t affect raids, so they’re a good option for improving raid-oriented creatures.

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I suppose, but that’s all it’s good for. As I mentioned above, it’s pretty heavily outclassed by Paramoloch. Tuoramoloch as well, but she’s way higher than anything on the list.

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Where is nodopatotitan, gigaspika ?


I’m doing those in a bit. I just felt like these six have to addressed.

Additionally, Nodopato isn’t actually too terrible. Yeah it’s not great, but it’s not in a severe meed of a rework.

Thats true. I think the tier list is pretty arena-centric though. Raid healers just tend to not be good in arena. But in raids, I think the only better healers are Tuoramoloch (for the acceleration), Diloracheirus (for the sheer amount of healing) and sometimes Diloranosaurus (if you need distraction). Bajatodon lags in arena, but it’s a top-tier healer in raids. It would be nice if there could be a way to balance it’s performance in arena without compromising it’s raid utility. I like the idea of replacing resilient strike with superior vulnerability, and replacing group Invincibility with devestation. Its attack is so high that it could do some real damage that way.

I agree. However I rather like the Group Invincibility. Also I feel like if Ludia were to give it SV + Devastation they’d tone down it’s attack because 6750 damage in one hit is just a bit ridiculous.

Also because Baja can definitely survive until then.

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Gigaspike could use some love. Nodopato is underrated and is an absolute wall, and could maybe use decel rampage, but it’s fine now

I mean, you’re the one who wanted to give them buffs :joy:

I agree though, that’s a TON of damage. That may be way they took it away in the first place. The thing keeping it down now is a lack of damage output. So what if it was resilient impact or rampage instead? I chose to scrap group instant invincibility because there are other shield users, and neither of its components have invincibility (though Bajadosaurus does have a shield with bellow).

So Baja would take an attack nerf. I rather like that.

Gimme a minute.

Some more reworks:



I say, isn’t Dilophoboa already satisfying enough? I mean, it isn’t in the need of a rework. It’s a pretty good legendary excluding the health factor.

Perhaps, but I really would have liked there to be more Boa in it, outside of name and PR.

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Oh that makes kind of sense