Rexy 1v1

So it isn’t even worth doing but to whoever managed to complete the badge strike, what did you use to kill rexy on the last stage?

Indeed. Same question here. Tried Indotaurus and she hit right through.

I’m guessing a phorurex at lvl 26+ could do it. Critical sidestep it’s dominant roar, cautious cunning rampage, then lethal rampage and run. Mine sadly is only level 24 with 4 damage boosts and I had it down to 200 health. If I was lucky and lethal rampage and run critted then it’s a win for me.

Tried that earlier but it was in vein since my P-Rex is a measly 23 with a bunch of speed and too little hp and attack

Albertocevia and crit luck. A lot of crit luck.


I haven’t done the tower yet this week but if you have Rerenantem:
Start out with Alert Nullification which will go first before Rexy’s power-up, speed-up attack and reduce the amount of damage. The alert nullification does reduce damage for 2 turns.
Second do the instant Super Distraction which will go first before Rexy’s big hit. Rexy will hit for ‘0’ damage with 2 reduce damage moves now applied.
Now that Rexy is slow again, do Cunning Rampage to finish it off.



Cunning strike first to remove the ferocity
Then super distraction to get it’s attack to 0
Finally cunning rampage to finish it off

I only really did it for the fun and the challenge

1 hp trollege


Thanks for the tip!

Yeah my moderately boosted lvl 24 Albertocevia did the trick… just :slight_smile:

I just used my rinex, but my rinex is pretty boosted. Even then, I still almost lost.

Had a little help from Orion too :wink:

Pho did the trick! What a waste of time that strike was.

10 chars

Oh wait this is the 1v1 in todays tower. I’m gonna try Eremo. Let’s hope she can do it…

Gorgotrebax did it for me. Cautious Impact then NR. These rewards are not worth the effort needed.

Did it. Took 5 retries. Not cause Eremo needed to crit or anything, nooooo. The rexy just decided to bypass more than she was critting. Just goes to show my horrible rng coming back to bite me….