Rexy and a Cold Arena to JWA (+ minigames)

So seeing the new footage of Rexy/Roberta in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics I thought what if that there was Rexy and a 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic themed arena to show off that new scene for Dominion just imagine an Elidominus fighting a Tryostronix in this arena and maybe add in minigames into it maybe like Skiing minigame where your cunning dinosaurs gets to be on a ski though crazy but we had a Lystrosaurus wear a mask so is it possible? Yes or even a minigame based off of those forever running arcade-style games where your dinosaurs have to avoid obstacles and will get tired all of the big dinosaurs will have their jumps and slides replaced by bites and stomps. Those are just ideas and also I did say something about Rexy
Rexy v2
So here it is again.

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