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Rexy and The Big One in JWA kit crafting?

If these two iconic creatures were added, what would you imagine their kits to be? Heres my ideas if anyone’s interested


Rarity: Legendary (the first nonhybrid legendary)

Hp: 5800 (health is so high cuz it has shown to take quite a beating and still come out on top)
Damage: 1700
Speed: 108
Crit Chance: 40%
Armor: 5%


Ferocious Shattering Strike
Team Up (New Move. deals 1x damage, adding a .5x multiplier on how many dinos are left on your hand. 2 turn delay) (this move refers to it teaming up with blue (and if you want to count it, Mosasaurus) to take out the indominus)
Definite Rampage
Adrenaline Pulse

Swap In Invincibility

The Big One

Rarity: Legendary

HP: 3000
Attack: 1500
Armor: 0%
Speed: 132
Crit Chance: 20%

Ferocious Strike
Precise Pounce
Defense Shattering Impact

Immune to Deceleration
Immune to Distraction

Swap In Distraction

Feel free to add your own sets for these two. Ill be more than happy to read them :smiley:


What’s the Big One?

The big raptor of JP perhaps? At least I remember that Robert Muldoon said that the big one killed most of the other raptors.

But I‘ve never seen the movie in English, in German he says something about a „großer Raptor“.

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Ok, I looked it up, it’s a Velociraptor. I didn’t know one of them was named that.

She was very smart and malicious. She straight up gets rid of those who oppose her leadership. Kept a tight reign on her pack.


This one?


If Blue isn’t a legendary I definitely don’t see either of these being legendary, especially with how much they try to use blue.

Yeah right! Really have to watch the movie again, it was so terrifying to me when I was a kid. :sweat_smile:

Here’s her wiki article.

We don’t need any more named creatures. Especially nonhybrid legendaries.