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Rexy as a Unique or Legendary in game


I would love to see you add Rexy as a new dinosaur in the game! You know with the greying scarred skin and all!

I know we already have Trex, but we already had Velociraptor and you added Owens raptor squad, which are just raptors at the end of the day!

She should be, preferably Unique since she, as a character all scarred up from her raptor battles, indeed a unique specimen!

I have no idea as for her attacks, DSR for sure as the big hit, but something cool in the form of swap in or special ability!

Im actually surprised she isn’t already in the game!


Yeah but it’s not a hybrid in the movies, so it can only be an epic. Would be a nice addition though.

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Well yes thats true, but who says Uniques or Legendary must be a hybrid?

I mean Rexy is unique. But yeah I see what you say in terms of game mechanics, but her being a pure epic means less abilities and high chance of being not that great in the Meta, like Brachiosaurus for instance should be more relevant but its not.


They can make a hybrid out of Rexy though. Rexy + Blue = unique Thor killer.


They could call it Blexy lol

Imagine seeing it Pounce hahaha, instantly crushes Thor to death…if they can CATCH Thor with its 9001 speed LOL


doesn’t matter if it’s not a hybrid , ludia will make another category : Mutants … with nuclear and viral boosts :smiley:



I’d be down.
Lord Lythronax wasn’t a hybrid either.


ohhh great idea


Jurassic World Alive meets the tek in ARK :joy:


your excitement is palpable - every single sentence up there ended with an exclamation point.



I used to run my own dedicated pvp server, my base was built on the back of a Titanosaur LOL

Edit: I had raid dino force feeding enabled in server settings so I could keep the base and not have the titan starve as it won’t eat by itself, even with food in its inventory.

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Tarbo Rex+Rex G2=
Tyrannoprimus. King of Tyrannosaurs

Definite Strike, Armor Piercing Rampage, Shattering Rampage, Definite Rampage

101 Speed, 40% Crit


I would be so down to fuse that sucker ASAP!

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I’ve always wanted them to introduce a giganotasaurus into jwa too. Like as a super badass epic.


We have it already in Thor and Tryko.


Don’t ruin my dream of getting a giga :frowning: lol


I remember I once spawned in a Giga on herbivore island in Ark, it didnt end well. Ended up calling the island, Death Island LOL. Corpses everywhere!

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Rexy should be a boss battle, like Lord Lythronax. Same with the original spinosaurus


I do not think they want their tyrannosaurs to break their necks