Rexy better than Mortem

Rexy is better than Mortem. That’s insane! Not saying Rexy shouldn’t be a monster but Ludia really did Mortem (an APEX) dirty by outclassing it with a Legendary.


Power creep ,as usual
Ludia will wait precisly 6 month,while knowing rexy will devastate the arena where top players will promote their new "toy’.
And then nerf it to the ground in 6 month.
The question is ,how many people will it bait to buy this obvious scam?


Well maybe they also just made it a legendary so that you have to start at a smaller level. And I’m not making assumptions, I’m saying that it’s possible

It’s the franchise vip it should be one of these non hybrid apex creatures.

Legendary Rex is going to be more difficult to obtain the mortem anyway. Well, unless you buy the incubators. I’m sure there’s not going to be many events where it’s under drops. If it is there will not be enough attempts to really make a difference leveling.


It’s should be amazing, but why make it a non-fuseable legendary if it won’t be on the map? If it’s exclusive anyway, make it a non-fuseable Apex as it’s the face of the Jurassic franchise.

Pretty sure players would go NUTS over a Apex Rexy raid…

The kit wouldn’t even have to change.


Buff for morty


2 words, who cares

Who asked?

Of course, or else who will open their wallets?