Rexy has ruined this tournament

So, Rexy was just released to us not that long ago, and well, she’s good. Very good. In fact, she’s too good to the point where this tournament is borderline unplayable. I originally started out in the week, was doing fine, and then went on a massive losing streak of 8 losses back to back. Why? Well, they drew Rexy, and I didn’t. This tournament is basically devolving into draw Rexy to win. It’s absurd. No tournament should be like this. While creatures like Fukuimimus and 1.14 Entelomoth were really good, they had counterplay. Fukuimimus had to watch out for a Thylaconyx swap in, which could be made a real threat thanks to Megistocurus or Diplodocus. Entelomoth was the best creature in the game at the time, but again it still had counterplay. Phorusaura could come in and revenge kill it while Indo gen 2, Indom, and Indom gen 2 could also handle it pretty handily. Now, what about Rexy.Surely there are counters to Rexy, and there are. Here are the available counters to Rexy:
Scorpios Rex
Indominus rex
Eremoceros (not really that reliable to begin with)
That’s really it. In the legendary format, Rexy is the 4th bulkiest creature, the creature with the highest damage, and while her speed is low, with dominant roar, she speeds up past everything not using a speedup move of their own. But Rexy does have her counters. But then comes Fukuimimus. Fukuimus can swap in on and kill Ankylodactylus, Scorpios Rex, and Diplovenator as well as Indominus Rex when it uses cloak rampage. Then you have Ankylomoloch, who can swap in on Eremoceros and Megalotops.

Now let’s look at the moveset, because while some creatures are strong, they may be one and done types of creatures like Albertosaurus in its formats. Rexy is not the case. She can 1-shot the following creatures turn 1 with dominant roar:





How is this fair? And when you DO kill something turn 1 with a dominant roar, then you have this rampage that’s dealing over 5000 damage. So there isn’t much that can take it. And for the things that do, they now have to deal with this devouring ability healing over 1000 hp every turn. Then you have the swap in and on escape. First up the swap in has no pinning abilities, so that should be fixed ASAPossible. Then you have the on escape. Now you have this creature with so few counters that now has an on escape to come in and just revenge kill whatever it wants to with little fear of something like Scorpios Rex swapping in. If it was a half strike, then I could get behind that, but 1850 damage is ludicrous. That’s more than giving Titanoboa an OE impact, and in many cases, it’s doing more than Titanoboa’s OE rampage when it comes to armored creatures. And to add even gas to the hellfire that is this creature, you threw on a 45% critical hit chance. Players have been complaining about how there has been too much RNG in the game as of late, so giving a creature with high damage a cointoss basically as to whether it will crit or not is not fun. And to top it all off, it has insane resistances. Vulnerability and slow immunity is fine, but Rexy doesn’t need 75% bleed and rend resistance. Now it makes counterplay even harder in the format.

How do you fix Rexy? First up, fix the swap in. Make her bound for 3 turns even. Next up, probably make it so ferocity occurs after the roar like with Mortem Rex. That way creatures like Coelhaast and Rinchicyon aren’t wiped off the face of the earth turn 1. Then, maybe make the OE be a half strike or even none at all. Maybe take away some (or all) bleed and/or rend resistance (compensate with stun immunity), and then make her less bulky. She does too much. Yes Rexy is a fan favority, but she isn’t fun to play against.

If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them


Nice thorough write up. Agree :100:. For player like me who who are pretty much only in this game for the weekend… terrible balancing like this pushes us further towards to the door.

Is it that hard to run a sim Lydia? To make sure the balance is right before the weekend?

Lydia make this game harder and harder to love. The long fukai battles for example. If I wanted to die slowly and painfully there are a million different ways I could do that that stress me out less.

Sort it out!


Actually even just changing stun resistance would be an easy rebalance.


Beautifully put, some great shouts there of how to balance it out! This tourney should be much more fun than it is. The skill weekends shouldn’t be defined on what you draw, they are supposed to be skill based, not rng based. Great post elEduardo :+1:t2:



I havent had a lot of time in the tournament yet but i really have had no issues with rexy at all. Ive found her reletively easy to work around. Im using her as well, but ive drawn her only twice and only once was she the deciding factor of a match for either myself or my opponents.

Heresy team for refference.

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You still get a lot of player error at this level and some variety in teams. For example one Rexy player didn’t do group move on my flock! As you move up most teams roll the same and know how to get the best out of it. So the post is actually accurate but perhaps less so on lower trophies.

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First of all, Rexy didnt need that DoT and rend res, only makes bleeders and rend users less effective, giving other fierces (or part fierces) less options of a equal fight, then her Roar should have got delay, and the damage increase going after the attack, the swap in was also unnecessary, that thing negates almost completely any non decel resistant cunning and screws them up, and the last is that it needs a HP nerf, so other fierces and cunnings have It easier to take down this specially tanky Rex.

Rexy is 100% seen in this tourney and its a headache to deal with, i always end loosing against it, its a draw and win creature, i get its a fan favourite and the face of this franchise, but that DOES NOT give her any reason to be this ungodly OP to the point of outclassing Mortem Rex itself, we got a Non-hybrid legendary being better than a Apex, its awfully balanced and needs a Nerf ASAP.


I was thinking the same thing. Rexy is ridiculous - why should a fierce be able to speed up faster than the dinos that are meant to counter her? That’s not even thinking about all the other things she does.


Just stating my experience. I do think she is over tuned. Absolutrly. But from my experience (tho limited) she hasnt been that much of a game changer in an equal setting.

From many battles and many different strats and matches, she can easily make or break it. I’ve seen people in a 2-0 scenario and lose because she comes out and there’s nothing you can do

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They should swap Mortem and Rexy’s move set. Get rid of Rexy’s speed up will help the balance and giving Mortem the speed up will bring Mortem to be viable as an Apex and end game critter.


Hypothetically Rexy is a beast, but Ludia’s worst idea has been the flocks, and there are more and more, counters are scarce, considering that there are flocks of all classes, this makes the tournament impossible and boring.


At least flocks are manageable by many creatures, even more as the updates come, but Rexy only has a very few counters

Rexy is just absolutely insane. She’s an event exclusive and only a legendary while potentially being a top 5 dino with stuff like refren and albertocevia running around. She also has almost no counters that don’t rely on rng. Dodge is the only thing saving most of these things from death, and if that fails rexy can just keep mowing through your team. In my opinion Rexy should get less health, no speed up on the roar at all, and an extra cool down on the devour rampage.


Fukuimimus absolutely shreds flocks and albertocevia does too. There are tons of flock checks

Rexy is way too OP in this format. Tbh she should be in an Apex format lol (Ludia plz no). But I find Megalotops to be an excellent counter towards Rexy. Otherwise, you’re pretty much screwed unless you have your own Rexy

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I absolutely adore Rexy as an icon of the whole jurassic universe, and I think that she should be powerful as a fierce creature from the beggining as she is an exclusive legendary. However I find it absolutely ridiculous that fierce creature, especially chomper is able to decelerate opponent and increase it’s own speed. I don’t think that rework of her I made is absolutely perfect, but it should be enough for now.


I’ve spent quite a fair bit of time in this tournament started at 760 and now up to 1200 and honestly Rexy is strong but it certainly has its counters. I’ve been 3-0 sometimes by rexy for sure but I’ve also killed quite a bit or at the least forced a swap out. Should she be toned down a bit? Sure but like most of this game it’s RNG based.

I would love to see the revenue that Rexy has brought in for JamCity since it’s was released.
How many incubators were purchased because Rexy was offered with them?
How many players bough the new pass because it unlocked more Rexy dna quicker?
It’s no coincidence that pretty much every offer in store has included Rexy is it?
And the first two tourneys this month allow for Rexy to be used, starting with a ‘skill’ to show us how good Rexy will be for the next advantage one.
I won’t be surprised to see Rexy being offered again every day for the next week, will you?
The way the game has gone since JamCity took over is an unashamed bait fest.
It goes something like this -
Make op creatures that are either exclusive or require exclusive dna.
Have content creators show how good the new op creatures are on YouTube .
Sell the exclusive dna in store
Wait a while until players who spend have spent out on building the new op exclusive creatures.
Nerf if and release a new exclusive op creature to replace it.
Rinse and repeat ……