Rexy Hybrid Ideas

Like the title says, feel free to post your ideas for Rexy hybrids that you would like to see in the future! Here are a few of mine:


How about the archaeopteryx + the common velociraptor = the velocipteryx dromeosauried hybrid + rexy = into a newer unique super hybrid large or medium or both medium and large dinosaur carnivore super hybrid.

Similar to this?

Perfect​:ok_hand::grin::+1::ok_hand::grin::+1:! And that looks pretty good and awesome and cool too. And sign me up​:+1::grin::ok_hand:.

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Duuuuuuuuuuude what about Rexy + Therizinosaurus, I already shipped it

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Sarcosuchus + the new epic cunning giant cheetah + rexy = into a newer unique beautiful mixed colored fur body super hybrid dinosaur carnivore that would have the animations of the scorpios rex or indoraptor. Please and thank you​:+1::grin::ok_hand::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray:.

Do you mean smilodon as the epic cunning cheetah?

Not like that, if you go on google and type in giant cheetah size or just giant cheetah and see what it looks like you’ll finally know what it looks like, please and thank you​:pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray::ok_hand::grin::+1::pray:.

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This hybrid?

Make it a flock! And please make it look like chicken!
We need more Dodo model hybrids of cool theropods…
(yes I still regret wasted Alloraptor potential)

I don’t know what it is because i can’t see it, please and thank you.

Rexy does not need a hybrid he’s too overpowered but I like the ideas and we’re you’re going with this!

What does power have anything to do with creating a creature?

And Rexy is a cannon creature from the movies so she’s a girl

About Tyrannotitan rex ,NO
Anyway,about the wasted Alloraptor potential

Sure, why not :laughing:
Instead of mixing beautiful Alloraptor with chickens, let’s mix it with pidgeons :laughing:

Yes. No flocks or anything…small for Alloraptor’s hybrid. We have an unused Giga slot for a hybrid, why not use it on Alloraptor?

Actually archaeopteryx was a proto bird, it probably looks like a pigeon because pigeon dna was used to fill the gaps in its genome