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Rexy is seriously needed... FINALE

Rexy Finale

Please if anyone from Ludia is listening, we need Rexy, she is a part of the Jurassic franchise itself. She makes up the movies and shows. She’s so incredibly needed, I’m literally making a hundred polls for it.

Artwork by Irritator246

The majority choose these options, If you disagree with them… go away

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4500

Damage: 1900

Speed: 104

Armor: 0%

Crit: 30%

Resistances: Yes

Vulnerable: 100%
Speed Decrease: 100%
Stun: 100%

The majority choose only 3 resistances
The top 3 were Vulnerable, Speed Decrease, and Stun each having the majority choose 100%

Base Move: Fierce Strike
If you would like a change in Fierce Strike to Roar, ask for another poll.

Benefit Move: Ferocious Strike

Second. Move: Fierce Impact

Primary Move: Fierce Rampage

If you would like a redo, then do it yourself. If you have suggestions, convince other people for me to do a redo for certain areas.


There’s simply not enough difference here to justify a new dino. Rexy could easily have some diversity in her kit to make her stand out, she and blue fought cooperatively so why not give her some synergy moves and make her truly interesting.

1800 attack
4500 health
105 speed
10% armor
20% critical

Adrenaline surge
Defense shattering impact and run
Definite rampage

Passive- frenzy, increase speed 10% when attacked

50% bleed
50% distraction
50% deceleration


I definitey agree that we should have Rexy in the game, but perhaps as an epic rather than a legendary, seeing as other main dinos from the films are epic (Blue and Bumpy)


Really :neutral_face: I feel like we’ve already established that Rexy is going to be a legendary because she is basically a celebrity and would be higher than the rest. And logic-wise Parasaurolophus Lux is in the shows and she is a legendary. Like I said, if you disagree with something, go away. And why would you want the most needed dinosaur in the game to be a normal level when she is absolutely above the rest, considering she is basically the queen of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. If you are only suggesting she be an epic so you can get her easier in the game, then that’s weak. Rexy is a one-of-a-kind, she should be harder to find and harder to create.

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Whatever, go ahead

It’s not like I think Rexy MUST be an epic. Legendary is absolutely fine too

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I have several questions about this, there isn’t any logic to it. Why would Rexy became faster when attacked, why adrenaline surge of all things, she’s a t.rex, and why impact and run, along with the attack and crit, where is that even coming from, and from what I can tell she needs vulnerable and stun resist. Other than those, definite rampage is questionable but fine. Everything on here is weird and there isn’t logic to it. With these stats, Rexy isn’t going to be a Trex

I wish she comes fast like next update… :frowning: come on epic :wink:

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Impact and run would represent the way her and blue tag teamed Indom and speed up as a counter and adrenaline surge both represent the fact that Rexy was getting her backside kicked in the 1st half of the fight, she seemed slow and out matched but in case you didn’t pay attention to the fight after blue gave rexy a 2nd wind she destroyed imdom. Tossed it around by the head, was quicker and tougher, they represented Rexy as getting tougher as the fight went on… and what would the point be of making her if she’s “just another Trex”? Why bother than.

First off, she had no clue how to fight indom when approaching her, so she was just trying to figure her out before she used her full potential, so adrenaline surge and speed up counter will not work for just making her better every attack. Second, Impact and run would only make sense if she was getting taken out so she backed off and gain the advantage while letting blue weaken her, and then she came back in to help blue together, so unless the ability lets her back off and then team up it doesn’t work. Third, I didn’t say “just another Trex,” I said she wouldn’t be a T.rex at all, she doesn’t have to be “just another Trex”, but with the move sets you have she isn’t even a Trex at all, she’d be more of an Entelodont. She wouldn’t even be Fierce anymore, she would Fierce Resilient. I don’t see Blue, Bumpy, or Para Lux having a different type than their original counterpart. She’s a Trex, she was the first clone, she made up every other Trex ever. She can be a little more than a normal Trex, but not incredibly different in the sense that she’s a new dinosaur altogether.

Although I very much agree with Roar, it be a good move for the Queen of dinosaurs themselves

I thought most agreed that rexy would be her JP version and not JW, so what would be the sense in making her slower and making her work well with blue like in the movie, and why not legendary since she is quite special




I gotta say is about this post is distraction resistance. Really? And I didnt even notice the armour.


Although we agreed on Legendary

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And is anyone gonna talk about Irritators artwork, like come on thats pretty great

All I want to say about this post is why bother to include her if she’s just another Trex… and if she’s going be legendary make her feel legendary

There’s a difference between making it unique and making it nonsensical. Also your concept idea for Rexy has a problem which is it has no good turn 1 move. It can only go for its 1x move, roar, or adrenaline surge which deals no damage.

For the four hundredth time, you arent even making it a Trex at all

Rexy is a Trex, not some other creature that you thought of. The community made Rexy so that she is better than a normal Trex but not too extraordinary where she isn’t a Trex at all.

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