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Rexy is seriously needed... (Survey of sorts) updated

You decide everything this page has to offer…



  • Crit Reduction
  • Damage over time
  • Distraction
  • Rend
  • Speed Decrease
  • Stun
  • Swap Prevention
  • Taunt
  • Vulnerable
  • None of the above

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Base Move
Main Moves


If rexy is added to the game, my main hopes for kit and rarity and stat stuff would be that she’s a legendary, is a decent usable creature(like a creature that is decent if leveled up like indom or other legendaries), faster than current rex’s, and has some decent but not big resistances and a good crit chance. Those are really my only hopes since I don’t know how to make a thing balanced with stats and moves lol.

And for appearance as per usual when I talk about it, just hope they make her look like the JP animatronic and use the classic roars, and that’s about it.

And I am not sure if its a bit much, but if possible, I’d hope that in AR, when fed she can eat a goat with a skin similar looking to the og goat with the black spots and long beard and all that


Here’s my idea I think it should be close to Rex but better with something that could be used in raids


Yeah something like this is what I had in mind. Group shattering impact, some kind of damage buffing move, and fierce rampage.


Since Bumpy and the raptor pack are all non legendarys, i think this kinda confirmed my theory that non hybrid legendarys like para lux are suposed to be execlusivly for these special type creatures, not offical creatures. And since we have an epic anky and then Bumpy is also epic, my guess is that rexy would be epic as well as Toro


but rexy is like a staple in the series, she is one of the most loved things in the entire franchise, so I would assume that since she is so important and is the dinosaur that has been in the most films in the series that’d she’d be good enough to get a legendary


I mean special like “super geneticly modified” or something, the way para lux glows

Or idk maybe like a carno with super long horns, for some reason

Anyway i’m actualy starting to think that they made it legendary legit just cause it’s coloration fits better for the rarity.
Cause i legit see no other reason they’d do that

So exept if Rexy glows i’d say epic(cuz then if she would be legendary, Bumpy would problably be too)


Rexy definitely should be added - with scars and everything.


Indeed i agree with all of you.

So Ludia add rexy plz to the game. We all want her!


Well if there’s a move that Rexy needs to have that move is definitely roar


It would make sense for rexy to be legendary because regular Rex is already epic


But regular T. Rex is already epic. G2 is rare. Keep the steps going up. Just think of Rexy as Tyrannosaur g3.

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I think that a ferocious move must be in his kit

Plus, if you argue about Bumpy and anky as the same rarity, Bumpy’s different enough to be separate. Tyrannosaurs are all pretty much the same overall. Rexy is also, design wise, T. rex with scars

It could be like the hypo carno from the Isle

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I don’t even know why Roar exists, it’s identical to group defense shattering strike

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It’s not identical, it’s cooler

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The animation is cool, but it’s effects are exactly the same. They could just keep the animation and give it a different name I guess.

isn’t there a difference? I feel as though there is, I feel as though ones just a plain group shattering strike removing nothing but shields while the other is just that plus cleanse vulnerability and or remove taunt


Nope, from what I can tell they’re identical. Only difference might be taunt removal, but neither actually lists this as an effect anyway.

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