Rexy Rework

Before my nerf -

After my nerf -

I don’t know what the problem is with Rexy is it that she’s just really strong at a low level or that she is a wolf in sheeps clothing, what I mean is that she is a legendary but really plays like a good unique or apex. Also, Rexy is very pay to win, for people that don’t spend money in the game it is extremely unfair that you only get DNA from the Tyrant pass and the TWO times we’ve been able to dart it, to even get it to level 26 you need to spend at least 500£. Unlike Para Lux correct me if I’m wrong we can’t dart it in the wild. Ludia please do something about this.

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Giganotosaurus wins, I guess

Rexy is no more!

Try this:

Dominant Roar is Morten’s OG roar move

Fierce Devouring Revenge is a Fierce Devouring Rampage placed into an impact and on revenge it targets all opponents and devour heals a total of 100% damage given.

Fierce Devouring Rampage: No edit

Fierce Obstructing Impact: Removal of Dominant Roar

Removed Swap-In

Needed Stun Resistance to 33%

Reduced Hp and crit (45? Why is ludia breaking all of their boundaries?)


Dominant Roar mutany? Attacks team 0.25x?

This Rework is the greatest one in the JWA rework history

Is this rework at lv 16 or lv 26?

16 This text will be blurred

Ooooh that’s more logical

I thought it was 26 lol

Yeah, I didn’t know her stats as she became a higher level

Do you have JWA toolbox? Or even better the Field Guide?

Why does this attack your team?

And it’s really underpowered

The only change she needs is this:


She’s fine otherwise :man_shrugging:


Ya still op.

Not really. Without Swap-In Slow and the Speed buff Roar gives, she doesn’t last very long against Cunning creatures, which is the way it should be tbh.

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Its still a decent creature, Id say around low tyrant/high elite

you know, I could live with that, the rexy without speed or slowing

This is one of the worst reworks ever,nerfing roar to o my deal 25% damage makes it useless,fierce creatures should not have. A cleansing damage move,give it stun immunity while lowering dominant roars speed increase from 25 to 20%.Just remove the swap in entirely and give it its on escape back.Dont change alert fierce strike and its crit.Also don’t change its speed

Lower the percent to 20/15 %so that she does to cunning’s while actually getting a speed boost.

Just remove the speed up. That’s all needed.

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The original point of the move is to sped up and increase damage,its shouldn’t be removed entirely,just lower it

A 15-20% speed buff on a Rexy with tier 10 speed is still substantial enough to get her to outspeed Cunnings, which is precisely the problem. She should not be outspeeding Cunnings at all, and ergo, it’s far better to keep the damage buff as is and remove the speed buff entirely.