RexyAndIKnowIt are looking for recruits

#RexyAndIKnowIt are looking for recruits!

The team are super welcoming, helpful and love a bit of banter, with a good amount who play almost all day. We’ve many players from around the world too.
This is what we can offer:

  • Part of 2 Co-ops and have access to up to 6 level 20 sanctuaries.
  • We have a fair few crazy raid heads who will help you get all your raid wins.
  • A discord server with cash Links, raid strategies, multiple channels for everything game related and more.
  • Reach 10/10 alliance missions every week.
  • T8 4 week alliance championship, T9 5 week. This season we hit T10.
  • We’ve some really great tournament players who will help and advise you each week, some will stream their tournament battles too.

What we ask;

  • Please do not place in the shared sanctuaries.
  • Be active daily to help contribute to alliance missions.
  • Discord is required as we coordinate raids with discord
  • 1k average a week in tournament is ideal, but understand some may not be able to hit that goal consistently. But players must try their best :blush:

I lead an alliance, but most members are low level, been thinking about moving to a better on.

Same here cu I was gonna get a new iPad and join a good alliance but my disc is not working

I can do anything you said