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Rhaegal rising LF 2 members 7-8 star alphas. Potential to be promoted to our top clan on 10s

We are looking to 2 people to fill in spots in our beginners clan. They are currently on 7-8 star alphas if you feel you can meet the requirements feel free to hop in :blush:. Also players that display exemplary ability can be promoted to our mid or top level clan working on 9 and 10 stars respectively.

They are still in need of one :slight_smile:

Hello. I would like to join your team. Iā€™m at GMT +8. Hopefully can contribute to the team growth. Thank you.

Iā€™m looking to join a more active clan. Mine has started to dwindle. Over 6k in teams, Iā€™m a daily player during the week usually hitting 100k+ on alphas. Weekends I try to play as much as possible but am often traveling for shows.
Current screen shot, got one of the big boys in breeding.
Let me know if I could for into one of your clans.

@Eric_See @Annrace I messaged you both :slight_smile: