Rhaegal Rising seeking a few more players to help us grow. Now on 4 star alphas

We are now on 4 star alphas and should hit 5 no problem as we haven’t lost to an alpha yet! If you meet our requirements we would love to have you! Also everyone in our clan has the opportunity to move up into our main clan working on 9 star alphas if they meet the damage requirements and seek a more competitive group!

Hi there! For now I’m the leader of clan HTTYD 2019,but there is so small activity there. Will you accept me in your clan?

@Debors absolutely we would love to have you! I messaged you our discord if you’d like to join as well :slight_smile:

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We are now on 5 stars. We got our 4 star down with everyone using only their first 3 attacks so a 5 should be no issue. We have quite a few 5000+ as well let me know if you’d like to join we have 5 spots left :slight_smile: