Rhetorical scenario presented for debate

So, gaining an unfair advantage over others is considered cheating. Spoofing provides this unfair advantage. Right now, people in Montreal are able to collect a large number of resources unavailable to the vast majority of the player base.

My question is this (rhetorical, remember - I do not condone cheating in any form).

If one were to spoof location to Montreal, would that be considered cheating? You’re actually not gaining an advantage over everyone, but leveling the advantage given by the company to players in Montreal.


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Technically? Yes. You’re still spoofing.

Morally? Not necessarily. Events like these are unfair to the vast majority of players, and don’t provide an even playing ground.


Or… They are testing out a new anti-spoofing algorithm.
Not going to lie, I would laugh so hard. LOL
(It’s what I would do if I were a dev)

Yes, that would be cheating. It’s not that you wouldn’t be gaining an advantage, but spoofing is cheating.

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But that’s the question, isn’t it? The cheating part is in the gaining an advantage. You could spoof all over the world, but if you didn’t dart a thing… Is that cheating?

I believe it is stated in the TOS that using third part software to ‘fake’ a location is considered against the rules and classified as ‘cheating’.

So yes, it would be considered cheating. And no, I would not consider it gaining an unfair advantage as the company sponsoring the event has sanctioned the creatures and amount of attempts at each.


Yes, I would still classify that as cheating for the reasons that @Wwwoodchuck says above.

Definitely would be cheating. Those dino’s are gifts to the select few and we are not allowed to partake because of our location.

And of course its not fair.