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Rhinchicyon Boss

I am a bit annoyed at how hard this boss is, all the strats we have tried so far don’t work. Why is it this hard for a legendary boss?

I legit find it easier to make apex strats. Rhinchicyon has dodge distraction a random rampage a group rampage high speed and a group shattering rampage. Whilst also having a dodge/distract minion and a high hp shield minion.

I am genuinly lost and don’t know how to beat this thing, any suggestions? I think we can all agree this is way too hard for a legendary boss.


@moderators is the boss supposed to be this hard? I am 2 hours in with no luck yet, haven’t seen a single confirmed strat. Even if there is a strat a legendary isn’t supposed to be this difficult is it?

pyrri and indom used to be really hard, idk whats up with legendaries.


Do you mean glyoptoceras or is Rhinchicyon a new boss?

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Rinchicyon, I have now seen some wins but not as much as should be with legendaries

This strat should work. If it doesnt, try to kill nodosaur first try and make sure no damage is done on the rampages. the gallimimus doesn matter to much since it distracts the bajdaton. If it goes for ardontosaurus instead, it might last an an extra turn.

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I don’t get to try this one till tomorrow morning. Maybe the above strategy will work otherwise I will be trial and erroring. I just hope I’m lucky to get this new one in range. If I can beat this one, that will help get mine to 21 that much faster.

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faisl even with big crits plus taunt is broken he hits whoever he wants

Oh, I thought you meant the epic oviraptor thing

We just tried 6 or 7 times. it’s round 2 attacks are krazy. got it down to like 4,500hp twice in round 2. Didn’t get it. Hope to try again tomorrow. Skoola and Karrotop were mainstays, rotated healers and the 4th creature.

Good luck in your raids and PvP’s!

ok did it with skooli para baja and kera but only recorded the second half been 5 hours 13 turns

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ok i made the first from the other video but chnaged some dumb moves the other one is something someone dropped on me untested

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ok 2 turn thanks to lucky and bryan


Yes, this strat works well.

I find it easier to deal with Indom and Mammoth than Pyrri. She’d always been the bane of the Legendary Raids for me.


thats exactly what this strat reminds me of pyrri

another run using a nitro tryo no ill effects plus was with a random but still pulled it off


he i defeated this with a team of legendaries and i used a lev 10 murspial
i stayed alive till last creature
i defeated all legendary bosses

thats great what were the creatures and what was the strategy?

Yup worked with my fast tryo too