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Rhinchicyon Boss

Even the best strats have a 70% win rate and require level 20 epics (or close)… that seems ridiculous for a legendary raid. Those should be accessible to most players and should have 100% win rate with the right strat. I don’t want to spend more time on a legendary than I do on an apex.

Yep, session length is a big metric lately, and Ludia is transparently chasing it. Scorpius Rex has long animations that drag battles out, raid bosses have long counter-attacks that drag raids out, and now legendary raids are getting hard enough to require multiple tries. I’m getting tired of it.

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It stinks though i beat it. it’s easy if you are experienced.

i 100 percent agree the legendary raids are stupidly hard without the right strat trying to put together a team to test lvl 20 stock gold anky lvl 15 alo and lvl 20 irri and tryo to see if it works, last time i tried anky did not hit quite hard enough BUT he doers taunt and take the other hits which helps alo.

not true! then your not experienced

Inaccurate. The best strats have a 70% win rate even with all level 20s, and that’s due to RNG (minion attacks and crits), not anything the players are doing. I’m in a raid-heavy alliance where we beat all the apexes first try, and this thing is requiring multiple restarts because of the RNG. The boss clearly needs a rework.


You’ll find this one far more reliable. 3/4 wins with it today.

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I tried both working strategies and won.
You can interchange Magistochurus for Ankylodicurus. They have the same identical moves. So it’s which ever one of these you have available.
If it wasn’t for the group shattering rampage is used during the 2nd round, there would be a lot more working strategy’s even though they would be longer. It’s just you have to take it out before it gets to using it.


the only issue is when you ahve 3 lovely lvl 20 dinos and the leader decides mini max is better than irri :stuck_out_tongue: things turn to crap real fast :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tryo 2 Keratoporcus and one Bajadon works perfect

ok where is the strat though how many turns etc

6 turns


thanks i,ll give it a try next week :stuck_out_tongue:

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just an update 3 out of 3 wins this morning 2 with lvl 15 alo 1 with lvl 18 follow the strat make sure crit first etc basically the order listed and win win

Yes, the above double Tryo strat seems to work best. If Anky doesn’t crit R1T2 just restart immediately.

i have done it 10 times and the only time it fails is if you dont pick tryo one he does the moves first and wins every time especially easy if you have one tryo faster than the others

This a working one too :slight_smile:



This ones much easier: PYRO, PYRO, PYRO, PYRO
they all are faster, so you can try that. high pounce!

That is literally the worst advice you could give someone for a raid as difficult as Rinchicyon. The pyros would die very quickly in. Both the Rinchi boss and the Galli minion outspeed the Pyros, and the Nodo can just tank the Pounces with GTS. You’d literally die on the 4th turn, without even getting to the second round.


I mean Raptor (BLUE)