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Rhino appreciation, boosts and yawn emotes

Just some Monolorhino battles see if you can spot which boost makes a difference lol. Also toxic yawn cause I love those best idea on ludia part ya ya Ik you can turn it off but like I like to say well played it good luck ya know

Honestly it just needs the health and 2x multiplier


To be fair you used “oops” in a clearly sarcastic way, so it makes total sense why he did that.

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That said, I don’t think anyone who uses a disproportionately boosted Thor has a right to yawn at anyone.


True but I used it once lol, and then he just spammed it all match, and it was more like oops welp did no damage after he went for distracting strike turn 1?

Although I’m liking rhino a lot very pleasant to look at compared to the mammoth’s hybrids.

Although thing still needs a buff badly

I would suggest to turn emojis off lol then you won’t have to worry about people being toxic or spamming them lol


Lol ya but then there people like this one guy I fought who are very nice saying well played and good luck and that’s why o keep it on for those people plus I mean who yawns at hecking Monolorhino of all things ?

I use Monolorhino but I generally face teams my level so I don’t run into these big bad guys and Mono is good to bleed the Indo G2’s even if it dies… so does the Indo no matter the level.

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lol ya just got to make sure that they aren’t able to go MF, also ya but my rhino its a baby and rhino is so hard to come by it gonna take forever to get to team lvl maybe one day but I’m still gonna keep it on my team it does wonders against indos even if its only for the bleed effect. That way I don’t just rely on Thyla

Got any tips for using hIm/her

Why all the yawns at your rhino?

When I put mine in for 2 battles both opponents said “Nice”


IKR…it’s hecking MONOLORHINO! It’s not a boosted Thor or Indoraptor

I’ve had that happen with my Spinocon before. I brought it out and the opponent went “Nice.” I’m assuming it’s because they haven’t seen too many since they’re not too great. But hey, felt nice


Before I turned off emojis, I would always say “Nice” whenever someone rolled out an unusual dino.
Probably because 95% of Library teams are made from a pool of about 12 creatures, so I commend anyone who brings a bit of variety to the arena.


True. Any time I fight a Mammolania, constrictor or nemys I always say nice. It’s just refreshing to not see the usual indoraptors, Thor, Erlidom or Tryko


The unwritten rule of JWA:
Always keep your expectations of fair matchups as low as possible.


Got to love when you try to be nice after playing mind games and winning fair and square and ya get treated to this

Same fought won earlier refreshing to see something different. Even saw a couple vexus, tentao,stygidaryx and an ankly

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Who took all the beds? More people seem to be tired

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