Rhino, Cat & Bird Fight PvP Battle

This is my first video from an app I just downloaded. Had no idea it would pick up the TV in the background. Sorry for the annoyance.

Also notice take note of my last creature, Procerathomimus, in the match as I got (0) Zero damage two times in a row. I don’t know if this is a bug. Don’t understand my opponents last moves as they did not use Greater Stunning Impact or Instant Charge.

I was trying out my newly made Smilocephelasaurus. I got lucky it got picked. This is today’s team.



I think the distracting rampage has 2 rounds of distraction, so first round, id with first round of dr=0 damage, second round comes in, dr is still active, and you use id again, so another 0 damage.

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Due to opponents swap in you were able to stack ID with Distracting Rampage before his first attack for 0 damage then again ID makes it 0 damage for second time.


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