Rhino, Mammoth , Turtle need to be wild spawns now

I think Rhino, Mammoth and Turtle should be wild spawns now as older exclusives and neededfor the new hybrids


Rhino and Turtle already are wild spawns. But I do agree mammoth needs to be one, how are we gonna get more of its dna when it’s not in any special event week except for christmas??

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The rhino and turtle are wild spawns. Rhino L4 and Turtle parks (with areas around acting as parks that aren’t marked on the map)

As others have already mentioned, Rhino and Turtle are already wild spawns.

But I do agree that other exclusive dinos should go in the wild. Give L1 the mammoth, you can have our concavenator. :sweat_smile:


Rhino being so wild that since last patch Ive seen it once, I guess Im just unlucky

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Well I must be extremely unlucky as not seen either

Here I thought the rhino and turtle where in a new zone called the Blue moon, oops my mistake

It’s rare. I have seen only one Rhino since it got released in the wild (in 1.12) and Turtles I see maybe once or twice ever month if I travel a lot.

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I live in L4. The rhinos appear like cockroaches and I don’t even bother catching them anymore. Mammoth pls… Rhino was added but not mammoth, stop this cash grab…

how do you know where the L4 location is?

I’ve only seen the rhino once, maybe twice.

That’s why I wish they’d rotate the epics every patch or so. I don’t bother with Monolophosaurus or Secondto unless they’re right in front of me, I have way too much of both.

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L4 spawns monolophosaur g2 and parasaur as common dinos. so if you’re seeing a lot of them then that’s most likely a L4.

the JWA field guid app or gampress can give you a run down of what spawns when and where.

This might help :grinning:

Same. At least have the gigascents be zoned. They are currently just bringing me more of what I already have. :neutral_face:

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Ok thanks for your concern lydia

But it will be really easy to collect donosaurs