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Rhino progress

I have gotten my rhino to lvl 19

that’s almost three months of grinding and some help from the events and now monthly rewards. Although now it’s gonna be a super grind cause I need about a week of rewards to get to lvl 20 and then another week to maybe get 3 pops at most maybe four.

How about y’all; how close are you to getting it

  • Close I have fused
  • Close but not fused yet
  • Rhino/metra isn’t even close

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  • Just need one more pop
  • Like boss I’ve created it

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mines only lv 14. :rofl: not really too concerned about messing with it right now. I’ll take the daily reawards for it and work on something else in the mean time. Trying to work on getting ardontodaurus to 20. almost there. 90/250 lv 19.


Mine is at lvl 20 and because of the daily mission reward I have 70 DNA towards the Monolorhino!


This thing is a pain in the flask to dart :rofl:


Havent got any dna from daily missions since every day they ask for 12 battles abd a daily battle incubator

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I haven’t given it any focus.
I’ll get it eventually but I’m more meta focused.

Am I still the first and only one with Monolorhino created?


Build your own monolorhino: poll is this your screenshot?
If yes, then I haven’t heard of any reports of anyone having it :slight_smile:

I know someone in my alliance (Apex) created theirs just the other day - not sure if it was IDGT or Legomin. Fairly sure practicekat has one too.

Mine is nearly half way …

Its been a 10 fest; really hoping to do it before 1.12 drops. So bored of FIPing rhino.

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Just got a 30! So 150/250 - potentially that’s now one more fuse to create

Here’s a 10 just in case you get a 90

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So somewhere between 200 and 2000 rhinos :slight_smile: Dunno when patch comes out but 5 days to 2 weeks ought to do it!


I hope we won’t see patch notes today. Still only 70/250 on Monolorhino after 5 fuses. Can’t get it before update if it’s next week.

Hope that I can get it soon, to focus on my team, unless we get new exclusive hybrid ingredients.

I worked out that if I get the daily completed every day without fail I will get 2200 dna, and that will put me approx 200 short of reaching lvl 20. So I will still be a bit off from fusing it.

ATM I have equivalent of one fuse but rhino and mono sat at Lvl 19. May end up with 9 or 10 fuses by the end

The coin is needed elsewhere ATM though

Seems like similar to my screen-shot but not sure if it was mine. Though I posted it and even 2x videos like more than 1 week ago.

Just checked, that was my screen-shot shred 2 days ago :slight_smile:

It wasn’t a priority for me so I haven’t invested time or resources and it yet. At this point I really just need coins

Probably man

Also ya it’s yours I kept since it the only evidence of that things existing

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