Rhino & Sabortooth Team

Finally got Monolorhino which I see can use a buff in the next update but will make due to make this theme team to try out. I always hate when a creatures parent is stronger than the hybrid child. The good is that it has total immunity so no stuns, bleeds, slows or distractions.

My Team 20200222


Lol I really wanna know how it’s working out for ya

I only did one battle so far and got 3 cats and only one rhino picked. I wiped my opponent 3 to 1 with Smilonemys :cat2:, then Smilodon :leopard: and last, Smilocephalosaurus :tiger2:. It was a cat fight. :rofl:


Lol ya tried the trash that is rhino yet?

I’ve played the other rhinos before minus Mono that I just made and the rare Elasmotherium is great for taking out turtles and does great damage to Ingo G2. Bronto is good also. Woolly is good against dino’s you can bleed. These are good in the level of arena I’m in.

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Lol ya no I mean Monolorhino; I mean how is this thing so bad? I mean look?!
image image image image

I have a feeling they will buff Mono up at some point either in armor and maybe damage. It’s total immunity does give it a little edge but think as a unique, could be better.

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