Rhinoprotodon stats fixed

It looks like Ludia gave this new creature the stats it deserved considering it was at first the weakest of the cenozoic hybrids, and now, look


Yep. Idk if it’s worth it though, about as strong as mammoth but I believe quite expensive


But the ferocity maybe…will be a problem for you now. I waited rhino at lvl 20, and after the update I evolved to lvl 30 because the ferocity.

Did you mean Mammotherium? Rhinoprotodon is significantly stronger than Woolly Mammoth. It’s slightly stronger than Mammotheroum, but also only about 7k DNA costlier (and, of course, a different class).

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It’s ok now. I didn’t expected rhinoprotodon be stronger than the other tournament cenos when he’s made from one of the weaker legendaries

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