Rhomaleosaurus VIP Tournament - 10/18/2021 - 10/21/2021

Rhomaleosaurus is the featured creature of this VIP Tournament. Typically, these tournaments require around 1000 trophies for a three-day tournament. Rhomaleosaurus was last featured exactly one year ago (the week of 10/19/2020) and required 968 trophies.

Good luck to all


One of the favs brilliant.

Feeling the reef shortage :tired_face: hopefully il land on the pack :crossed_fingers:

Good luck everyone :four_leaf_clover:


I hope all my dinos recover from the Segnosaurus tournament soon!!


Good luck to all participating in the tourney !


Arent you vip? I would give it a go as usually trophy count for vip tournaments are lower.

And ofc getting a 50k creature is also a bonus.


I am but time never finds a way for me on weekdays…


Dominator.A little later cause I woke up at 9 rather than my usual 7


How many vip points do you get after a 50k vip pack?

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Wish I could right now but my game won’t load.:sob:



Are the servers down? I haven’t been able to play for like 30 minutes maybe longer now. Tried both WiFi and cellular. Kinda starting to get annoyed with this.

Lately I more often complain about poor tournament prizes, so it is fair to mention when it’s the opposite case: the amount of DNA prizes today was just insane!! I haven’t tracked it but probably 15-20 times I’ve got 500 or 1000 DNA and who knows how many of 200 DNA. I couldn’t stop playing whyle such generosity was ongoing so I grinded harder than ever. Result is the following: I started the tournament at 14:00 local time with 35.000 DNA, calling the day at midnight with 69.000 DNA. Of course, I wasn’t playing the whole time, it’s a working day… :grin:
There were only few minor DNA trades in TH, so the majority were acquired via tournament.
The sad thing is: who knows when (of ever) will such generosity occure again? :disappointed_relieved:


Not that I know of. In fact, I’m playing right now.

I got 3000 dna from this tournament already.

I’ve only done 9 battles and these have been my rewards so far!
Seems my rewards slump from the Segno tourney is gone(knock on wood) and if this keeps up ill be grinding big time!


Certainly not as lucky as you guys! I did get lucky once though. Here’s a photo and the current placement I’m in. It’s going to be difficult to finish in dom with my highest ferocity being a pteranodon lvl31 :joy:


I’ve got 100, 250, 500 bucks 1 each already, standing at 744 trophies. I feel the same as you guys, this VIP might tend to treat us good. We have been waiting for such generosity and for a long time, isn’t it? :sunglasses:


Let me answer it quick.

If my memory serves me right, it should be 1.850 for the pack and with the multiplier it becomes 3.7k in total. :v:t2:

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Data for end of day 1
DB rewards kept up for a bit longer, but seemed to settle down now.
Also got some decent DNA, a couple 500 and several 100 and 200.
Definitely a good day of rewards for a tourney(2-3k DNA and approx 2k DB’s)!


And then there is this that I am winning in Dominator…

Looking for some of those good vibes from others games.