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Rhomaleosaurus VIP Tournament 10/23/2020-10/26/2020

Yeah I know what that last slot fodder is for, I’m just having big problems with matchups where my main dino needs more than 3 points to work with and my lead can only generate 1 reserve before getting knocked out

Typically this means your main is not strong enough, I tend to only do this strategy with mains that boarder on glass cannon status.

What creatures are you bringing to a match and I could give you an idea of approximately the highest rank and level I would bring it to.

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Your main dino isn’t string enough to do L1, Big Dino, L1.

The first L1 is to build points. The 3rd L1 is to swap and sacrifice later if you need more points.

Oh no I haven’t dared do this in a tournament yet lol. I think you know my rough lineup and strength by now, the top of my lineup’s 1883 ferocity so I have to bring 3 top dinos just to be competitive in Predator. I’m only asking because I’ve seen a lot of people do this so I was trying it out with Thylacosmilus 3 in Cenozoic PVP and so far it hasn’t been going great. Keep running into Caverns that 2-shot me cuz Thylacosmilus has like no health XD

Try this type of creature…

strong attack and reasonable life…

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have you ever tried using thylacosmilus in Jurassic PvP?


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I’m not even level 40 yet, I can’t do Land vs Cenozoic

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so I think that only in PvEs you can use this strategy of using 1 level 1 creature…

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Crazy…this morning I woke up with a Shakespeare line stuck in my head. In highschool we had to perform a few lines infront of our class. I was so nervous and the lines made absolutely no sense to me. I was certain that I was going to butcher it so I practiced it until it was etched into my mind.

“When the sun sets the air doth drizzle dew… But for the sunset of my brothers son (I forgot the rest)”

Still don’t know what the heck it means…or what was the context was. Loll but it comes back to haunt me at the most random times.


A very refreshing Morning Run :sunrise:

Today’s an occasion in India where you have to keep all your educational material apart. JWTG all day, what-what? :joy::raised_hands:t4:


Me who actually has an English Professor for a brother, that would quiz me all the time on my Shakespeare knowledge. :roll_eyes:


Im at position 59 in dominator rn with 434. How many trophies do you guys think are needed to finish in dominator? Im trying to get all 1500 bucks per card!


At least 1100 to be safe, considering that this will follow the pattern of the previous VIP tournaments.

Alright imma try to stay around 1200. So all the previous VIP tournaments have been around 1100? The regular tournaments stay around 1500, right?

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Hello this is my first post. I did not make the graph, it was posted on the last vip tournament.
I think 1100 should be good that’s what I am aiming for.

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Welcome to the forum. The Tournament predictions are made by our Star Player @Sionsith, the predictions are out usually on Mid-Sunday IST.


@Jurassic_Fury thank you very much. And thank you for the graph @Sionsith I used it last time to get the Dino. First tournament I’ve finished in Dominator League :+1:


First time in a long time the AI used all 4 moves on his final dino to block. They usually block 2 when they don’t attack. I had 6 moves and needed 4 to get through to win, bummer.
Some data


It’s my first VIP tournament :partying_face:. Unfortunately I am very tired and I will not be able to play a few more battles. Day 1 ended for me and I got a reasonable score. I was only able to get DNA at the spin.


I’m so glad that I skipped Test Your Strength yesterday since I was boooored and didn’t care to even start it, the Tournament Spin Wheel gave me more DNA yesterday on my first run than the quantity I got from TYS in the past 3 months.